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  1. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    The silber one appears to be a Turbo but the rubber looks different than that they used on Jack's concours car. I think that I am getting close to seeing how it is done. I think that the factory cars had the flares at the top of the fender and then mated to the air dam like the Silber one you show. I really appreciate all of the help. If I can figure out how to put pic's up I'll show you guys what I'm doing. That mateing joint is the part that I can see better in the Silber pic. Thanks
  2. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    I ordered a flare and spoiler kit from a big name 02 shop which shall remain nameless and it came with a factory air dam and aftermarket flares, so I ordered factory flares and it appears that I may have to do some trimming. My biggest problem is do I set the flares like most of the factory ones I see or do I try putting the air dam on and mateing the flares to it.
  3. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    Is yours a factory air dam and if so did you fill in the end hole. I think it is supposed to tie to the flare.
  4. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    Every car I look at is different. Mine is a 75 and the distance from the top of the flare on a REAL Turbo is almost nil and on all others it is not consistant. I also guess that I'll have to trim either the dam or the flares and I don't want to screw them up as they are not cheap from the factory.
  5. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    I live in Reno,Nevada.
  6. SaintJeff

    Turbo spoiler and flares

    I'm having a hard time where the air dam meets the flair and how high both are to be.
  7. Having trouble getting everthing to line up. I have factory flares and air dam. HELP! BTW:I have looked at the site from Norway and I don't speak that language and it doesn't translate very well.
  8. SaintJeff

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a retired car salesman, owned my own car lot for last 15 yrs of career. When I got out of Army I mixed stage monitors all over the world for LARGE bands, that lasted 7 yrs and then went into sales. I wouldn't recommend that now with the way things are. I would look at some kind of service industry that everyone needs.
  9. SaintJeff

    WTB Alpina steering wheel in any condition

    theres one on ebay,I saw it this morning. Saint Jeff
  10. SaintJeff

    Fender Flares

  11. SaintJeff

    Fender Flares

    I have a new set of Korman Turbo flares. 775-674-9011 lv msg Saint Jeff
  12. I am very interested in your door stops. I am wondering if they will work with the GRP doors from Michael Cahsel,I believe they are gruppe B doors. Jeff
  13. SaintJeff

    WTB straight front control arms

    Try 2002 HAUS,he is very reasonable.
  14. SaintJeff

    Fender Flares

    If you're trying to do a Turbo look,the factory used a white plastic. I have a set of NEW Korman flares(GRP)for sale. Phone 775-674-9011. Jeff
  15. SaintJeff

    wanted: distributor, in SF Bay Area

    I have one from a 1975 that I will give you. You have to come and get it. I live in Reno,Nevada. Phone 775-674-9011.