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  1. Webers hate too much pressure! A Mallory regulator or Holley Blue one will work well, whether you run an electric or mechanical fuel pump. Any pump will overpower the needle and seat in Webers. Regulators are necessary at all times to avoid flooding. A fuel pressure gauge is a good idea while setting up the carbs. I like 2 psi to avoid flooding with mechanical pumps and 2.5 is okay with electrical pumps. This is from experience with downdraft Webers used on VW engines and it may differ on sidedrafts... Best of Luck 73tiijeff[/u]
  2. 73tiijeff

    Opinions please

    Truly beautiful car! I wish my '73 looked half as good. The only opinion that really matters is yours... Bur since you asked, paintless dent repair and spot repair where needed to avoid rust. Color matching would be the hardest part, but a good paint shop should be able to get a match. Once again, beautiful car! Best Regards, 73tiijeff
  3. 73tiijeff

    Side view mirror glass replacment

    I have taken a mirror (non-BMW) with the same type of problem to a glass shop and the option available was to bond a new mirror to the existing cracked glass. I went for it and it has lasted for two years with no problems... The shop gave no guarantee though. As long as the original mirror glass is still "sound" this can be done. "New-School" shops don't like doing this kind of work, so an old established shop is the place to take this. Best of Luck! 73tiijeff
  4. Nice find! Post some pictures when you can. I am in the same boat and gathering parts. A large thanks to C. D. for posting up all of the good information! Best Regards, 73tiijeff
  5. 73tiijeff

    Turn signal blues

    Sounds like sketchy grounding to me... Clean the grounding point(s) to shiny metal. Then apply di-electric grease and the ground wire and re-attaching. Bad grounds cause the majority of electrical glitches. I have been there myself many times, and just about every time it has been the grounding of the lights. A test light will get you pretty far with the problem. Try each function of the light by hooking the test light directly to the wire and touching the point to a known good ground on the body while running the signal in question. Hope that this helps you out. Best Regards, 73tiieff
  6. John 1180 - Great guy to deal with, and excellent prices! Thank you John it was a pleasure meeting you. Best Regards, 73tiijeff
  7. 73tiijeff

    sloppy tail light bulbs

    You can try gently squeezing the sockets with pliers. After many years and miles, the sockets vibrate loose around the bulb base. The key here is to not over do it - just tight around the bulb so there is good contact. Also "di-electric" grease helps with making good contact - available at real auto parts stores. Hope this helps you out! Best Regards 73tiijeff
  8. Hi Henri (?), I can send pics tomorrow - too dark now. Wish I could attend the Brisbane show! Good Luck on finding a seat, it would be nice to find one local to you. The seat does have some problem areas down low below the seating surface - couple small tears/holes. I will photo all the damage to the seat. Best Regards, Jeff
  9. Hello Leslie, Make sure to apply a small amount of Bosch distributor grease to the cam that the rubbing block of the points rides on. Without this, the points gap will close very quickly. I have had a hard time finding this of late, but a single tube will last a lifetime. Sadly the points made by Bosch today are not nearly as good as the earlier ones... I have no experience with the MSD etc. in a 2002. I have ran one in a VW engine in the past, with good results. Best of luck, 73tiijeff
  10. Hi Cheaptoads, I have a pair that need re-covered out of a '73. The passenger seat is fair condition, and the driver seat is poor. The horsehair padding is crumbling in both, but the vinyl is "driver quality" on the passenger seat. The frames are solid though... $100 plus shipping for the both if you are interested. Pictures available. Best Regards, 73tiijeff
  11. If you have another washer bottle and pump I am interested! Thanks! 73tiijeff
  12. Loving the early alloys! Period correct and make your nice Agave look even better. I have them on my non-running '73 and they make even it look good (at least to me). Now I have something to do this weekend... Best regards, Jeff
  13. 73tiijeff

    Julio in Silicon Valley

    Just to let everyone know, Julio is an excellent seller! Great pictures, perfect communication, and very trusting. Before I had even sent payment he had shipped the seats, which by the way are far better than described (beautiful). I highly recommend Julio and will gladly do business with him in the future! 73tiijeff Yakima, WA
  14. 73tiijeff

    F/S More stuff - Cheap

    Email sent on license lights. Thanks Jeff 73tiijeff
  15. 73tiijeff

    72 2002 for parts in Seattle

    Email sent, interested in the rear bumber, rear trim, and under-dash panels. Best Regards, 73tiiJeff Yakima WA