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  1. boywakwak

    E21 Recaro Seat Headrest

    hi im looking for e21 recaroseat headrest Location: san diego
  2. boywakwak

    Wtb E21 Recaro Headrest Or?

    bob do you still have the headrest would love to buy them from you
  3. boywakwak

    E21 Recaro Adapters

    do u still have the braket and would it fit on bmw e21 recaro seat
  4. boywakwak

    bmw timing keep jumping

    kwel if it help you i just buy a new dizzy for ireland engineering its only 150 brand new if u have a vacume advance i have one in realy good condition wasting my money on party i didnt even need
  5. boywakwak

    bmw timing keep jumping

    im 100% the dizzy is realy tight thats what im thinking to but i open the valve cover every thing is good thats whats pissing me off i would be happy to change the cylinder head or even the engine if i can see if the engine is done but when it start i can drive the car for hours with no lost of power or issue its just realy hard to start
  6. boywakwak

    bmw timing keep jumping

    how do you post a pic in here
  7. boywakwak

    bmw timing keep jumping

    i open the valve cover i dont c any rocker arm or valve the car is still running it just take forever to run but once its running it runs good
  8. boywakwak

    bmw timing keep jumping

    kwel i open the rotor cap and crank the engine and every time it goes back to the timing mark the rotor is in the different cylinder
  9. i have my nice bmw 2002 right when every thing is done now i have a big issue on my timing for some reason it keep jumping on the timing thats why its having a big problem on starting the car but ince it start its good to go but its not realy making any sence to me