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  1. stbaz

    M3 drivetrain swap into a 2002

    i went for m42 turbo......... here is my build upto now
  2. stbaz

    7x13 or 6x13 alloys ??

    Can't see the offset on that pic mate any idea what it is?
  3. Any one got pictures of 6 or 7x13 alloys on a non turbo arches 02?? If so what the ideal offset please and can you post pics to give me an idea Cheers
  4. all more upto date full build from start to present found here baz
  5. yes the car was a cover car with retrocars magazine.... only two months before i bought it. look at the mess of it under the quick tart up by the previous owner!! it had a good write up and looked brilliant in the mag hence me buying it. how rong was i ??!!
  6. hi guys i have been registered on here for some time but not really posted up any topics.... thought i would let you see what i had bad it turned out and how it stands at the moment as i bought it... how it ended up after no more than a month of ownership and how it sits now..... i will try to fill in the middle details over time as i dont have much spare time at the moment to do a write up baz
  7. 5 speed overdrive gearbox from m10 engined e30. due to being e30 it doesnt have mechanical speedo drive for cable located in dundee , scotland. uk £150... buyer to arrange courier
  8. hi guys. i was directed to this site by a friend. i am in the midle of a full rebuild of my 02, im going to be running m44 1.9 16v and it will be turbo'd as the car is a rhd i am stuck for the space for the turbo, there fore i would like to make it sterring rack other than steering box. doing the job is not that much of a problem for me but im looking to find information on what rack, track rod ends etc to use. also the engine going in the car has power steering pump attached so if there is a power steering rack to use that would be good. if not then manual rack is fine thanks in advance for your help, i will get some pics of my project up soon baz