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    Hood Boot Doors Bumpers - I am moving and this needs to be moved quickly. Come and get it or the scrap man gets it! Thanks Keith [email protected] Elizabethtown PA
  2. This car is absolutely beautiful! Wish I had the cash! Good luck with the sale, new owner is getting a great car.
  3. working on pics, setting up a photobucket account. i guess that is the easiest way, couldn't figure out how to post multiple pics on here
  4. Sorry, I thought my location was listed. I am in elizabethtown, pa. Will get pics emailed out tonight of everything but the fenders, they are at another location and I will get them tomorrow.
  5. some surface rust on hood. trunk is straight with a lot of surface rust. fenders are perfect, one door is complete with glass, other has bondo. I have pics and will email upon request. great spares for someone, I am moving and can't take them with me. Would love to sell as a package for $300, but feel free to send me offers. Thanks.
  6. I forgot 1 thing - original color? Thanks
  7. Is the dash cracked? Can you get any pics of the rockers, undercarriage, trunk and engine bay? I wouldn't want the wheels or steering wheel, unsure about the suspension. Price difference? Thanks. Keith [email protected]
  8. What do you want for the shell? Do you have any means to load it for shipping? Thanks! Keith
  9. I would love to see pics, please email to [email protected] Could the car be put on a dolly or do I need a trailer? thanks Keith
  10. Still have this rolling shell? I'm located in Pa and interested. Have any pics? year? original color? Thanks
  11. Any idea how much shipping is? I really want to see if I can restore one, but i don't want to use my 2-crack dash as the guinea pig! zip code is 17022, Thanks. Keith
  12. Hood is complete with crossbars and arms. Still has trim on it, but isn't shiny. I have some pics and can take others if needed. Thanks
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