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  1. This fits all Neue Klass sedans: 1500, 1600 1800,1800ti, 1800tisa, 2000, 2000ti, 2000tii, 2000tilux. ...although only the 2 liter cars had 12 Volt.
  2. This is what the NK unit looks like:
  3. Hi Harry, Thanks, but the 2002 motor is not the same as the NK motor.
  4. The clutch assembly on the Tisa is like that of the early 2 liter cars, not like the 1800 or 1800ti.
  5. Hi Guys, I remember someone out here posting about the lower part of the arm rest being made new from urethane. Does any one have any info on those? I'd really love to buy some, but I can't seem to find the information out here. Thanks! Doug-
  6. Thanks for the Ideas, Guys, I'll check them out.
  7. Hi Folks, I am in need of a 12v wiper motor. I also need a few other things as well, such as: A good hand brake boot Front vent window seals A new washer bottle and lid And the plastic ends for the grab handle on the dash. Any of these parts would help! Thanks! Doug-
  8. dfeigen

    BMW 1800 TISA

    Yes, those that came here where equipped with sealed beams.
  9. Hi guys, Has anyone here got a cast crank pulley like the one in this photo? I broke mine so I really need one of these. Thanks! Doug-
  10. This type of idler arm assembly was used on the NK from '62-'67. I believe from from '68 on, all the NK cars all used the 2002 front subframe which required changing from this style idler arm to the 2002 style. It also required the use if different engine mounting brackets on the engine to move the engine forward into the correct position over the subframe (the 2002 engine sits about 3" or so rearward over the subframe).
  11. dfeigen

    15" Wheels on an NK?

    Wow, Great looking coupe! Thanks!
  12. dfeigen

    15" Wheels on an NK?

    OK, What size tires would be right for a 15" wheel on our cars. I just bought a set of Rota RBs in silver for my 1800 and I'm wondering what tires others are running. My best calculation is a 195/60r15. Any thoughts? Thanks, Doug-
  13. dfeigen

    1972 roundie /baske case/good motor and title

    I'd love to see some pics! I'm close by.