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  1. I'll take it!!! How do I pay? Thanks, Doug-
  2. Hey Brandyn, The 4 door cars all have the same type of directional assemblies, and they are different than all 2 door car (1600/2002) assemblies. They are still available through the dealers, but expensive.
  3. I would really love one of those shirts if they where100% cotton. I would also love one of those Alpina inspired pins! If you do another run, count me in! Doug-
  4. Great car, great flick! Really inspirational! Congrats Jim, you're definitely one of my heroes!
  5. Yes, but be careful, this car was rusty, and the rear quarters where patched up using what looks like 2002 wheel arches. Proper wheel arches are available reasonably at Wallothnesch. Having owned owned a pretty nice 2000CS, I can tell you that even the nicer ones are prone to rust in the floors these have been welded up) and the front strut structure/fender tops.
  6. I think it's Florida with a pretty nice tan interior. If look at the photo on their website that has you looking in the rear door, you can just see the edge of the door jam looking very Florida-ish. I suppose it could be Kaschmir...
  7. Year:: 1998 Make:: BMW Model:: M3 Price:: 8600 Location: : Chicago Suburbs Hi, Im posting my M3 for sale here because I would also consider '02 trades. The car is Techno Violet with light gray leather, automatic, and 105500 miles. This is a very nice car; clean inside and out and is stock all the way around. It was a California car most of it's life. I brought it here in 2012 and it's only seen 3 winters. The car has been well maintained, and I have records for most of what has been done since I have owned it. Asking $8,600. Would consider '02, other Neue Klasse or earlier BMW trades plus cash. Here is a link to my craigslist ad: http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/5287943903.html I can provide additional photos as well. Thanks! Doug Feigen-
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the response! It's been cricketsville here for about a week. Brian, thanks for the offer. If I can't find the parts closer to home, I might take you up on it. What year is your car? Mike, I've been following your cars progress, I'm totally impressed. I hope to meet you and see your car in person at some point.
  9. Hey Folks, I had an incident happen this weekend that leaves me in need of either a long neck differential and rear drive shaft section, or just the 3 ear diff input flange and rear drive shaft section (my diff still functions fine). I might also be interested in a later style diff and rear sub-frame instead. I might even be interested in a universal joint input flange. Also wondering who the NK people are in the Chicago area? Thanks for any help on this! Doug-
  10. Yes, i am looking for NK 4 door fenders. Thanks!
  11. I know this post is kind of old, but if you still have these fenders, I am interested! Thanks! Doug-
  12. Ok, when the other two realize that these manifolds really aren't right for their projects, I'll take them for my 1800 NK sedan! I need that vertical throttle linkage post! Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have a lot of parts that I would like to sell, preferably in one lump. Please take a look and see if this might interest someone. In addition to what is currently in the photos, I also have a used 66-73 style nose panel in pretty good shape, a rear window with a "BMW NOSPACE CCA" sticker in the center, and perhaps a few other odds and ends. I hope to post photos of those items soon. https://picasaweb.google.com/101217823364961435135/BMW2002Parts?authkey=Gv1sRgCPqMoIywlt3I8gE Thanks! Doug-
  14. Hi, Just curious, What are you asking? Thanks! Doug Feigen
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