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  1. No rust/rot in floors or the rockers. you can email me at [email protected] for more info, here's a link to some more pics http://s528.photobucket.com/albums/dd329/oghennylokes/wrecked%20bmw/ thanks, -tony
  2. Hey all, Sorry for neglecting this post a little, I've been going back and forth with a bunch of sleezebag car salesmen. But thanks for all the Positive feedback. I pulled the hood/nose out with a ratchet and the thing started right up. that's basically what sold it to the new owner. Jon in OH, really sorry it didn't work out, but there's other fish in the sea. good luck in the hunt. -tony 2002- Main front damage; Main rear damage; Here's what it looked like about a month ago I'm not looking for a ton of money for it, the sale I had lined up fell through, and I just can't keep this car. Basically if you put a new nose panel on it you have a good runner with no real issues. It was my daily driver and it's never left me stranded. It's got large front swaybar, 5 series starter upgrade, Petronix ignition. PLEASE NOTE... I'm NOT INTERESTED IN PARTING THIS CAR OUT. Take the whole thing. I've got more pics if you're really interested, but please bear in mind that I've got no car, and the money that I can squeeze out of the Kaiser will go straight into whatever I end up buying. I'm in Saugus MA thanks! -tony-
  3. VERY COOL! it looks period correct, reminds me of the early 70's Camaro.
  4. thanks all for the kind words... Scott, can you recommend a body shop that is familiar with our cars? I've got an adjuster coming out in the next few days and no matter what he says, i'm going to try my best to fix this mess.
  5. Today's my birthday, and somebody gave me a gift that I can't return... I only hope that Karma comes back to bite them in the face. NO, that's not strong enough... I went into a target and because i've got no front bumper, I always park ass-first... this is what i came out to find. it got pushed so hard that it hit the car that pulled in behind me. NO NOTE!! I asked if there's some kind of parking lot surveillance cams, luckily there is, but they have to go through it. It feels as if I've been kicked in the guts by a mule.
  6. no problem, i usually do that personal. thanks and let me know. -tony
  7. Probably means leaky clutch hydraulics.
  8. Not mine, Don't know them, but 1k.... if I had the extra space.... http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/pts/1783203492.html
  9. OH, sucky... I don't have a front bumper, so I think those are going to be the way to go with Hella's... if you want to unload those brackets let me know. -t
  10. Hey Littlejohn, just wondering how heavy they are? I love the look of the yellow lights but they look huge, my plan was to try to get a set of these brackets do you think they'd be too heavy? I'd be devastated if they bent my grills MORE than they already are. *here's the link for the brackets* http://home.roadrunner.com/~pchamaa/2002_auxilliary_lamp_brackets.htm
  11. Upgrade that starter and alternator. Then it'll start easier, and charge better!
  12. There's an awesome headliner writeup kicking around here somewhere, that you can do a quick search on, but the sunroof info you need is here; http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm VERY comprehensive and easy to follow (lots of pics!) good luck!

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