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  1. Brand new old stock in factory plastic wrapping. $30 plus shipping from Finland. Part number on plastic wrapper is 51 16 1 857 057 but it could be from another ash tray. It looks like the type that goes on the rear cards. r dot mantysalo at gmail dot com
  2. I have a buyer but if it falls thru you're next.

  3. BMW0299

    tii clock

    New tii type clock roughly 60mm in diameter. $100 plus shipping from Finland. Contact r dot mantysalo at gmail dot com
  4. The 3L, LEFT side, is still available so is the ash tray ending with ...057.
  5. Thanks, Jim!

  6. BMW0299


  7. BMW Classic archives has a ton of pictures. I understand you can buy them at a reasonable fee and then download them. -Raine https://bmw-grouparchiv.de/research/search/searchResult.xhtml
  8. No, it's a long haul for an old man ;-) -Raine
  9. Anyone need a room at the Clarion for Friday and Saturday night? King size with sleeper sofa. I'm not going and thought I'd let people here know first. -Raine r dot mantysalo at comcast dot net
  10. Grice, There is a guy in Randallstown who has lots of 2002 parts. <[email protected]> David Schloss in Randallstown, MD 21133 (443) 722-6332 -Raine
  11. Are these for the late model steelies? Are they just the caps with BMW roundels or are they the chrome wheel trims? Do you have pictures and what is the condition?
  12. Location: : Martinsburg, West Virginia I have a NEW set of mud flaps with all hardware. These have never been used. I don't know if they are 2002 parts or made by BMW. The seller, in Europe, told me he tried to fit them on his 2002 (but never actually mounted them) and said they would fit. I also laid one against a rear fender and it appears that they would fit and would provide lots of protection from gravel, etc. They are made of sturdy black rubber. The overall height is 13.5" and the width is 9.5". Asking $150/OBO + shipping. -Raine BMW0299

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