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  1. Desiderio


  2. What ever I'm seeing now is a huge improvement! Thanks for the new site!! Great job . Tap talk has always been strange for me .
  3. Im thinking of a muffler for my 2002 base. I thinking the whole exhaust needs replacement.



  4. Need a good muffler . 2002 73 base Can anyone steer me to a great muffler!! Thanks Dez
  5. I lost my original rear body badge emblem. Where can I get one close to original or original 1973 2002 base. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I would like to have a part no. Or what I need for the front bumper to body "front fenders" bolts and washers. Thanks a lot. Dez
  7. Listen I'm really sorry for not being able to get to this feed. I dig out how to get alerts. Sorry . Ps. I need one overide front ...1973 base .
  8. Sorry 1973. I have shallow aluminum grills . Again I have 2 drivers side I need a passengers . Thanks Sorry for the late reply Dez
  9. Does any body got a passengers side grill ? Looks like I got two drivers side .... Don't ask. And if it's plastic ? I don't care. And I'm willing to trade the extra drivers side . Thanks Dez
  10. I have these moldings but I don't have the gaskets? Can any one explain to me why the gaskets at Rogers are $250 and is there another solution that I could use in order to create gaskets. Thanks
  11. Hi my all original 1973 2002 t base automobile has grills, that said would they be ?? the shallow grills ??or the other kind . Thanks Dez
  12. Center and right front. Can I grab one swiftly for my body guy? If so where? Thanks
  13. Thanks!!! Tell me do you recall the price for a front fender? Thanks again dez
  14. Why in the world would I be convinced to buy the bumper parts below? Opposed to the one on eBay for 499$ that comes with bumper rubber mounts etc . And roger tii wants hundreds $for two sections and no Rubber etc. is this a quality issue
  15. Hi looking for a front bumper for a 73 2002? can anybody help? i have been looking and haven't got any feed back. Thanks DEZ
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