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  1. This bench set and passenger seat are from a 67 1600, are dark brown, and are in decent but worn shape. Original state. Some small rips and cracks here and there, but overall pretty good for something this old. Pick up, please, I'm in Baltimore. $100 or best offer. Moving, so these gotta go. more pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/113184728978575622905/1600Seats thanks TIM
  2. Weather-permitting, I'm planning on heading up with my 3 year old son and my 67 1600 (hybrid). I'm in Baltimore so it's an easy drive. It would be nice to make a connection or two from here. Plus, I'm programming my boy. Haven't been in a few years, so I don't know what to expect--I've gotten some cool parts in years past and seen some beautiful antique european cars, but it seems like the more money-making part of the show (the fast-n-furious/slider/million-dollar-stereo crowd) have overshadowed the old boy's crowd. I may bring a box of parts just in case, to keep the old swap meet spirit alive. Look for the agave car with dark brown interior. TIM
  3. Had this on my '67, but swapped over to stock style. Put a couple thousand miles on it, but it's in decent condition. Would benefit from a coat a paint. $50 plus shipping. More pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/timjhill/Bmw2002Parts02#5598797919156563298
  4. I have similar but simpler issue--I'm running a harness from a 76 in my 1600, and with no relay bracket, the relays need a nice home. I like the Susquehanna 4-gang unit, but I'm wondering if anyone's who's installed it has it sideways on the inner fenderwall, and if so, is there clearance/openings to run the wires thru the side? Or is this meant to be mounted upright, wires underneath? The small schematic makes it hard to tell thanks...
  5. Thanks for the interest, gents. Email out to celk, first in line.
  6. Yes, I had them on my car, but they've been sitting on the shelf for a few years while I worked on the car rebuild. Calipers looked ok last time I checked, but a rebuild might be a good idea. I can take a couple pics if you like.
  7. For your consideration, a big brake conversion setup: A set (2) of volvo 240 calipers, BMW 323/e21 rotors, and late 320/e21 hubs. Set is in good condition; I decided to go the route of tii rotors/hubs/calipers to keep the original 13" wheels. This set requires a 14" wheel. $100 plus shipping from Baltimore MD. Buzz me if interested, thanks.
  8. Gents, thanks for your tips. Ben's heater valve with brass guts looked pretty good (and comes with a warranty), so I snatched it. I'm going to attempt to refurbish mine (later one with plastic valve) to have as a backup. We have a good plumbing supply store here so I may find what I need.
  9. Tom, thanks. No, original color was Sahara. I happen to love Agave. Although Pacific and Florida were also in the running.
  10. Anyone have long-term success with a heater valve they've rebuilt? Where did you find your o-rings? Hardware store? Specialty parts supplier? Mine took a crap and I put a note looking for a good used one on the WTB forum. But if the right sized O rings can be found, why not? My HCV opens easily and turns freely, so I might give it a shot. It's worth trying before I shell out 250 bucks or more.
  11. Looking for a late-style 18mm one in good condition. Thanks.
  12. My clumsy self damaged a tire while mounting, now I have three 13" Pirellis. Manufactured 2005, never been driven on. Planning on keeping one for a spare, but if you absolutely need it, I'll sell all 3 for $100 for shipping.
  13. I damaged one of my tires while mounting it, now I have a set of three discontinued, but unused Pirellis. Posting on the rare chance someone has one or two *new* or *newish* tires they'd sell me. If I don't hear from anyone, I'll post them in the FS thread for $100. I know someone out there has 13" Pirellis and could use a couple extras.
  14. Thanks for the input folks. I have a set of E30 steelies if I want to go that route, but I'd like to use my hubcaps and newish 13" Pirellis. So the tii steel wheels seem the best route.
  15. I've installed a set of tii struts/rotors/calipers in the '67 1600 I'm reassembling. I've been working with the assumption that the original 13" steelies would fit over this setup. Wrong assumption, the edges of the calipers rub. Tried making cardboard spacers to test how far I could go out, and 1/4 still doesn't do it. I don't want to go to 14" for now, because I have the wheels with new tires. I could get a set of E30 steelies, but prefer not to. I like the original hubcap look. What do you guys suggest? Filing edge of caliper? More spacer? Bite the bullet and get 13" with wider internal diameters? thanks..
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