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  1. Here's photos of the motor. The vin is 2762038 (1972 tii). I do have the other two intake runners they are in a different box. Thanks again for the help.
  2. The motor is complete with the pump, injection system and all the other bits and pieces. I cut the nose off the donor car and dropped the front subframe with the motor still attached.
  3. I've got a complete '71 tii motor still siting on the subframe pulled from a '72 standard that i scrapped about 8 years ago. It came out of my old '72 standard car that had a swap when I bought it and I always planned to put it in to my '69 but never got around to it. The motor ran strong and still has good compression. It has 10:1 pistons and reground cam and I've kept Mystery oil in it but has sat this whole time. I've got someone interested in the motor and may sell it but can't really value it. I realize it can all vary depending on unknowns but haven't spent much time on the boards since the early FAQ/roadfly days and don't know if it's $1,000 or $3,000. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. I'm in PG and would be interested in talking about your window mod some time. I don't think I'll be around Saturday morning but I may head over to Baja Cantina some time this summer. Do you know if Seaside will be holding their "Hot Cars Cold Nights" gig?
  5. I've been planning on this myself, so this will inspire me to get it done. Count me in as well. 1. GoFaSSter 2. Henrygabs 3. Lilcphoto 4. PG7202
  6. It's a local car, can't remember the owner's name but a friend of mine has traded cars with him in the past and driven it around for a while. The name will come to me later but as I recall it was spec'd out at Bay Motor Works in Seaside.
  7. I've got one stashed in storage and live in PG. I'll shoot you an e-mail with my contact info.
  8. As I recall I used one size, but I'll look back and double check. It was pretty straight forward, just had to be sure to wear a respirator while mixing and then I just used a brush to paint it on.
  9. FYI if you decide to go with paint on method you can make your own paint by adding microspheres to your own paint. It's a lot cheaper and the way I did it a couple of years ago.
  10. I work in Marina, about 15 min from Salinas. Let me know if you still need someone.
  11. Craig it was great talking with you on Friday. The kids had a great time on the drive after the show although we did end up breaking off early. Hope to catch up again some time. Any one who plans on making it out next year I will make a better effort to catch up with more of the '02 family.
  12. I ordered the door brakes of the FAQ parts section and am very satisfied. Installation was easy (I already had the door apart for other work) and they work great. There is lots of info about DIY mods but for the $100 it was easiest to order ones ready to install.
  13. You want to make sure to not get the water based contact cement, it's not as strong. Also after you have it all clipped in you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up sections and re-pull / tighten it. Good luck, it's not as hard as it sounds just takes some time.
  14. My '69 has the latch located under the front of the seat while the '72 has the latch is located on the outside edge attached to the seat bracket. Hope that helps
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