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  1. I have one if you still need one. 608 508 2430 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. I have multiple 4 speed transmissions. All came out of 76 2002's I am not sure if they are the same. But if you are interested text or call 609 508 2430 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  3. Below are pictures of what I have available. Text or call, make an offer. I am very easy going. Dan 609 508 2430 E12 with intake and exhaust manifold and part of a 32 36 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  4. It has been sitting aorund. It came off of a factory running m10. The engine did not smoke etc when it was running. I am open to offers.
  5. Price:: 1 Location: : Hamilton, NJ Plain and simple. A complete m10 e12 head. Has intake/exhaust manifolds, and the bottom half of a 32/36 still bolted to it. It came off of a running m10. Please call or text at any time! I work till midnight. I am willing to ship at the buyers expense. Dan 609-508-2430
  6. Big Byrd shoot my a text email or phone call with an offer Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  7. For Sale: As pictured below, a complete M10 with transmission. The engine will need a head gasket, long story short I "borrowed" a head gasket to get this engine running at one time to check compression etc. It comes with DCOE 40 Side Drafts (ITALY) with linkage and manifold assy. The engine has factory pistons with an e12 head and a 292 IE cam. Clutch is in great condition. Cam chain is single row Next up for sale is a set of DCOE 45 (ITALY) with a manifold (unknown fitment) Also up for sale is a M10 block bored out to accept IE 9.5:1 compression ratio pistons Cross hatching still looks good. Cam chain is double row. PLEASE CONTACT ME BY PHONE TEXT OR EMAIL [email protected] (609) 508-2430. Dan
  8. Damn too far Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  9. What is a modern day Rat Rod? How I have always thought of a rat road is a vehicle that is made from parts just laying around a shop. That is how I have always thought old rat rods were made. Hell that is how I thought a lot of hot rods were made. People worked with what they had to make it cool. I always thought it was different than how everything is just bolt on today, nothing is handmade….nothing (within reason) is original. How I view most “rat rods” I see today. I see the owners are those who have money to go into a project like this, or have someone else even build it for them. I do not see it as a project that is build from what is just in the garage. I see it as parts that are sourced to fit the project. And to be honest there is nothing wrong with this! I think it is pretty awesome and most do appear as though they were made from parts just sitting around. But they look too right too correct…..too period correct. Once again NOTHING wrong with that! It is pretty darn awesome. But you know what is rare to see? It is rare to see a modern day rat rod. A legitimate rat road. Where a lot is made, where OEM parts are modified , where it looks original, where you can see where the hard work was put into and where it is original. Now I am not saying you take a perfectly good car and cut it up. Now that is where I find it to be a challenge. With modern cars it is hard to make this work because it isn’t just a frame anymore, it isn’t just a body. Everything is unique to each manufacture. This is the challenge. This is the challenge my friends and I are undertaking at the moment. We did source a non-running (actually pretty poor condition) “modern” (1998) vehicle to base our platform on. Now we have our basic plans for this but at the same time we do not know what to expect. We do not want to go into detail about the project but it does involve two vehicles that were destined for the junkyard. We do not plan on sourcing much for our projects except what is needed. We basically want to make a modern day rat rod. I will be dead honest. It is intimidating but rewarding at the same time. The crew includes two Class A mechanics who have known each other for 6 years and one friend who is in the automotive field who has stuck around for an amazing 10 years. It is bound to be a hell of a time. It should be pretty darn awesome We would like your thoughts on this topic regarding a “modern day” “rat rod”. And if you feel so inclined to please support us in our excursion into the unkown! We cannot discuss the project….we are being serious. In a world where social media knows all this is our little secret until it is done. Our goal for the project is mid-July. Now I know what you are thinking! Why in the world should I donate money to something that I know nothing about Honestly I can’t tell you why! I know we do not have much to share and well we can’t but we would love any support that we can get to complete our project in time! http://www.gofundme.com/awesomeproject
  10. Sorry for the delay. I had a spare stub axle and got new bolts etc and put her back together! All went well I put in larger air jets are she ran like a champ...the best that she ever did! So I took her out for one hell of a joyride and on the way back home the differential blew apart. I have not pulled the cover off but it feels like I blew more than just the spiders apart.
  11. They weren't loose I know that for sure. I finally got the car running very well and I took the gf out for groceries. I only dumped the clutch once but the car was very tail happy with its new found power. When it failed all that I did was get on it in a corner the ass end kicked out and then I coasted to a stop. Haha It just blew my mind that they ALL snapped off and the same time and at the same spot.
  12. I rarely post buy I have a general question concerning the half shafts. I finally got my 02' running pretty awesome but of course she gets moody from time to time. Anyways... Today I managed to snap off every single bolt holding the cv to the hub. I am not wondering how it happened...I know how it happened and it was a lot of fun until I managed to snap them off. I was wondering is this a common problem?
  13. Got both my seats in finally. She is also running a lot better ever since I got a new linkage kit for the side drafts!
  14. I know this is not a valve cover, but before I knew any better this what sand paper is capable of... this is before using a polishing compound.
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