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  1. Let me make an offer to you. I will pay you $ 60.00 for the item. You pay for shipping to Zip code 14075. Kindly advise, Many thanks
  2. Received in great shape, Thanks for such an easy transaction.
  3. Esty, Get well, Listen to your Doctor, Nothing you have to do can't wait till your 100%. Get a little exercise, Get a lot of rest.. Stay warm. Lot's of liquids, Say a prayer. Been there done that..
  4. Paypal sent, Many thanks,
  5. I will take it, Do you take paypal or a check, thanks, Tom
  6. Do you need spacers on your 02.
  7. Thanks for the info, I have a 76 and ask if you needed spacers or had to roll the fenders. How did they handle. Tom
  8. I live at zip 14075, Buffalo NY area. Any idea of shipping cost. Many Thanks. Tom
  9. Sounds good, could you advise shipping to 14075, Do you use paypal?. please advise. Tom
  10. Kindly advise condition and brand name if any on the front air dam. Many thanks
  11. I have a 2002,but, just acquired a 1977 320i and am not able to find a fuse box cover on the e-21 site. Hoping that someone on our site might have a parts car with one on. If you do, please contact me at [email protected] Many thanks, Tom Location: Naples Fl.
  12. Does the driver side door have the striker plate to hold the door closed. Thanks
  13. Thanks foe the pictures of the 2000cs. They are hard to find.
  14. Can this clutch hose be used on a 1967 2000cs, Many thanks

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