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  1. Brandon I was able to get a timing chain sprocket for the 76. Thanks for checking, now looking for 4 stock e12 pistons, Advise
  2. Thanks guys, will keep you advised of this project. Tom
  3. Steve, Well said and I appreciate your logic. We will progress to determine what head is best and that will determine what pistons to use. If we use the E12 head ,it will be properly rebuilt. You asked why we wish to refresh this engine. By refresh I mean to rebuild if The car vin is the same as the engine block serial, 2745514. This would indicate that the engine is original. All info that we have is that this car is an original California car. If the Ca. cars had the E 12 Head and piano tops, maybe this is an original head , except for the 1983 mark on it. The idea that the present head has been replaced makes a lot of sense. My car now is a New York car and has had all anti-smog removed. If correct, a plan would be to, if it is good and rebuilt, to install the E 12 head. As we tear down the block and it is good, all internal will be replaced.. How does this sound?.
  4. Had a chance to buy the rebuilt head in preparation to the refresh, thought that was a good move since the old one would have to be rebuilt anyway. I don't know what is needed to reuse or rebuild the original head, The pistons look good. We have just started to do this , so we are still checking what is good and need replacement Thanks for your reply
  5. Hello gang, I would like to seek the vast and sometimes half vast knowledge of this highly respected group. My 1976 2002 spent its life in California , but 10 years ago came to Buffalo New York to spice up its remaining years. At 43, it is in need of a refreshment of its true and trusty engine. To prepare for this well deserved rebuild, a perfectly rebuilt head with all the proper shaving and parts was purchased. The engine has been pulled, the head removed. Now here's the problem. The pulled head is an E12 dated 11/83, the pistons are raised grand piano. The new head is an E 21,2.0 dated 5/76. It looks like I can not use the E21 head, Or as they say in Buffalo, I just lost $ 500 bucks for wings and beer Vin numbers and block numbers match, .Please, let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks
  6. Brandon, This is your 76, e10 timing gear double chain sprocket customer checking in, kindly let me know if you have. Yes or no is good so I can complete the refresh of my 2002. Please advise either way. the last word from you was that you thought you had one for 30 $ and were going to send a picture. Please let me know. Thanks for your help. If you don't have one that OK, I am under a deadline to a complete engine to enter a bmwcca event. Tom
  7. Brandon, Have not heard about the timing chain sprocket, kindly advise not by pm as I have not received your reply, Thanks
  8. Brandon, I did not receive the pm on the sprocket gear, kindly resend. Thanks
  9. Looking for a good used 1976 M10, 2002, timing chain sprocket crankshaft double row chain. BMW part number 11 21 1 260 571. Many thanks.
  10. Let me make an offer to you. I will pay you $ 60.00 for the item. You pay for shipping to Zip code 14075. Kindly advise, Many thanks
  11. Received in great shape, Thanks for such an easy transaction.
  12. Esty, Get well, Listen to your Doctor, Nothing you have to do can't wait till your 100%. Get a little exercise, Get a lot of rest.. Stay warm. Lot's of liquids, Say a prayer. Been there done that..
  13. Paypal sent, Many thanks,
  14. I will take it, Do you take paypal or a check, thanks, Tom

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