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  1. Located in Titusville, Florida. The roof is probably in conkitchen's garage in California. A roof could be welded on. But it would be easier to have a top fitted for it. As for the miles; 45k, 145k, 245k i don't know. But some hundred and 45k miles And I must add, the paint and body looks better in these pictures than it actually is. Thanks to conkitchen for a fair and professional sale, btw.
  2. -76 2002 Chop top for sale or trade. Highest bidder! Has quite a few dings and dents here and there. But runs great and very little rust. (for traders; i need something with a roof that I can register when I go move back to Europe. Or bike, preferably over 30years old)
  3. I live in Titusville. And yes; WTF!?

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