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  1. I'll definitely take you up on that offer. Are you in the Seattle area? Maybe if you have time we can meet up and you can just give the bike a once over. This is my first BMW bike, so I really don't know much (if anything) about them. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice and links. Appreciate it.
  3. I just picked up a 1977 R75/7 and was wondering if any of you know a mechanic who works on older BMW bikes. The bike runs and all but I figured it would be nice to know someone who knows a bit more about these bikes, since I don't know anything. Thanks. Sorry, I know this is off topic. If you know some great forums for vintage BMW bikes, please let me know. Thanks. -Yuriy
  4. Anyone have a stock one laying around they want to sell? It's for my 71 2002. Thanks
  5. I just replaced this wheel with a Nardi and don't really need this one. It's in great condition. The 'BMW' horn button has some scratching though, I took a closeup photo to show it better. It's a great wheel, I enjoyed it but the nardi fits my look much better. This is all the info on the back of the wheel- MOMO Made in Italy TYP V35 KBA 70088 01-98 $80 OBO. Cheers.
  6. Thanks so much guys. Does the resonator replace the muffler? If not where is it located? I'll try and take some photos, as soon as it stops raining, to show you what I'm working with -Yuriy
  7. A few months ago I had my exhaust piping from the header down replaced, it was bent and rusted pretty bad. The shop that did the work threw away the catalytic converter and said I didn't really need it. But I feel like my car has been really loud ever since and also backfiring. Could this be because of the missing catalytic converter? If so, should I just buy a used one in decent condition and have them install it or should I buy a new aftermarket one? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. -Yuriy
  8. hey guys, Thanks so much for all your help. I really liked the Momo Indy wheel but I felt the color was a little too light for my interior. I ended up buying a Nardi wheel on ebay for $150. Was this a good deal or did I overpay? Anything else I should know about this wheel? Thanks so much. -Yuriy
  9. I would prefer a three spoke wheel but if I don't have any luck finding one then I'll let you know about this one. Thanks
  10. I have a Sahara colored 2002 with a tan interior and would love to get a wooden steering wheel, anyone have one for sale? For a decent price? I've checked eBay and the prices are ridiculous. Thanks -Yuriy
  11. Are you selling the bumpers together? I just need the rear bumper. I currently have a shorty rear bumper, would I be able to attach the one you have without any problems? Do you recommend doing that or does it not look good. I have a 1970 2002. Thanks. -Yuriy
  12. Hey Tim, Sorry I haven't been on FAQ in awhile. Unfortunately the seats have been sold. -Yuriy
  13. Would you happen to have any pictures by chance? Thanks
  14. Can you email some pictures to ymanchik at gmail. Thanks much. -Yuriy
  15. Are you selling that wooden one by any chance? If so let me know, thanks -Yuriy
  16. Do you have the rear bumper shorty style? Thanks
  17. Anyone have one that they're willing to sell? Let me know, thanks 253-332-4215 -Yuriy
  18. I think I might have some clips laying around, not sure if I'll have all of them though. Shipping to LA would be $30.
  19. Hey Ryan, Do you have a rear bumper (shorty)? Thanks
  20. Ryan, I'm down in Auburn. You can drop by anytime, I'm usually always home. email me - ymanchik at gmail
  21. I bought a set of door panels from a fellow 2002'er but only needed the two front ones, so I am selling the two rears, they are in great condition with all the parts there. $80 for both, will ship for $20 to most places. Let me know if you have any questions. cheers.
  22. yea she does, here is an engagement picture that was taken by Sean Flanigan in Tacoma-
  23. My rear bumper is not in the greatest condition and I am planning on using my 2002 in my wedding so I want it to look decent. Does anyone have a rear bumper they would be willing to sell? Please let me know, thank you. -Yuriy
  24. I picked up these seats and was going to put them in my 2002 but decided that I like my originals too much. They come with the brackets (although they do have some rust on them, but this shouldn't matter since you'll most likely be using your own brackets), one of the seat back levers is missing the plastic cover, all mechanisms work, the passenger seat has great vinyl but the driver's has a little tear starting, which isn't too bad yet. They need a little cleaning and they'll be good to go. $250 prefer local pickup but will ship as well.
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