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  1. Want to upgrade my stock alternator. Does anyone have an 55 or 65 amp alternator from 1977-83 E21? Or the 80 amp one from a 1984-85 E30? Thanks
  2. I have the original steel wheels with the hubcaps and would like to upgrade to some panasports or something similar. If you have something, please let me know. I'm in Seattle. Thanks.
  3. I bought this from another member on here a couple years ago but never got around to putting them in my car. Anyone have any use for them? Selling them for what I bought them for. $40 shipped or pick up in Seattle.
  4. I'm guessing they're the original old ones, I'll double check when I get it on the jackstands. From what I can see I'm not losing any fluid. I would say maybe every 3-5 drives it loses pressure for a bit.
  5. Yes, it goes all the way to the floor. But if I press it 3 times real quick then it gets hard. And that only happens some of the time, most of the time it works like it should. Would bleeding it be the easiest/fastest thing to check first before I look into the booster?
  6. Would you sell just one by itself or do I have to buy a set? My passenger door is fine but drivers needs a replacement. Thanks
  7. Happened today. Start up the car, go driving, brakes work great. Next time I start it up and drive, there is no brake pressure, I have to press the pedal 3-4 times to get it to brake. Shut it off, start up again and brakes work fine. Any idea what the problem could be and what I should check first? This has happened before, it just comes and goes randomly. Hasn't been a big deal so I've been putting it off. But I've got some time and need to get this fixed. Thanks guys!
  8. Just had a similar problem. I took out all my fuses, cleaned all the contacts and it works great now. Not sure if this will help you but you can give it a shot.
  9. Is it fine the way it is in the photo or does it need to have a wire going to it?
  10. Mine are cracked and look pretty bad. Picked these up for $54 (https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-gasket-51367441110) and before I get started wanted to ask if there are any tips or is it pretty straight forward? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Thanks Steve, I'll see what I find out tomorrow.
  12. Does that mean someone before me swapped in a 75/76 motor? The intake manifold was swapped out for the current one when I had the Weber installed. So it's fine to leave everything as is? Thanks!
  13. Think it's time I upgraded the wheels from the stock 13" steelies. Anyone have any Panasport 13" or 14" for sale? Thanks.
  14. Hey John, Yea that looks great, will keep my eye out for one of those looms. Thanks.
  15. Want to clean up my engine bay a bit. I would like to replace some of the wires and terminals that are 47 years old now. Is it worth the time doing it? Everything works, I just have some time and thought it would be a good idea to do. Or should I just leave it alone if it's not broken??? If you recommend cleaning/upgrading, what the best way to do it? Is there a wiring kit I can buy that has a bunch of different colors? If I go the cleaning route, what products do you recommend? Any other tips or insight would be super helpful. Thanks!
  16. I'm finally getting around to my long 'to-do' on my 02 so sorry for all the questions. Hoping someone can tell me if there is anything missing on this intake manifold or if everything looks alright. Car runs fine but would give me piece of mind. Also any idea what that wire could be in the last photo? It's dangling right by the firewall, next to the rear of the header. Thanks guys!
  17. So I took the fuses out, cleaned all the contact points, and everything works! I still want to take the instrument cluster out and clean that up a bit because my turn signal lights only work half the time. And my fuel light doesn't work.
  18. This is an eye sore to me so want to upgrade it. Any recommendations on headers you like? Also what is that sticking out towards the back of the header? Anything I need to worry about? Is there an o2 sensor on these cars? Thanks.
  19. From the little research I've done, it looks like the Bilsteings HD's have internal bump stops, no? If not, can you direct me to where I can buy them? Having trouble finding anything. Thanks.
  20. Hey Mike, That's good to know. I have that same setup for sway bars and now looking to do the rest of the suspension. Good to know on the rubber bushing being a softer ride than the urethane, I prefer softer. And I think the sway bar came with polyurethane bushings so I'm good there. Did you change the control arms out? If not, why? Thanks
  21. Ha, nice, I already reached out to him and hoping to pick that up, hopefully it doesn't get too expensive. I upgraded the sway bars a couple years ago. Do you recommend the poly bushings? should I replace the control arms at the same time or leave them be?
  22. Really appreciate this! I'm leaning towards just replacing the transmission with a Getrag 242. I think I have a 232 but will double check tomorrow. I reached out to Steve at Blunttech and he said he would check if he has any countershaft bearings, if not or if it's too expensive, he said swapping in a 242 would be the way to go as well. If you have a good 242 you're willing to sell, let me know, I'll save a bit by not having to pay for shipping. I'll check with Patrick as well. Thanks again for the recommendations.
  23. There should be, I just replaced all the fluids about a year ago. What would be considered a heavy gear oil? 85W-140? So would a new clutch kit fix that problem? Yes, it whirrs to a stop. I'll try the gear oil first before I start replacing parts. Thanks.
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