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  1. Thanks, guys. I also spoke with Patrick and will call Junior at American next week, and will report back on that suggestion. Thanks, also for the tip on Ryan; I will follow up on that as well. Incidentally, the flatbed driver who transported my bus back from Ted’s (Adkins-metalwork genius) space out at Racecraft to my house also suggested American Auto Paint in Renton. I like hearing good things... I will spend a little time stripping and doing some initial prep, so it may be a week or three before this makes it to a shop for new paint, but I will report back on the experience. Thanks, again, all.
  2. I need a recommendation for a Seattle area paint shop for my ‘72 VW Panel Bus. Not a show car, but just had some metal work done and it is time to protect and preserve this bus. I’ll do most of the prep to keep the cost down, and thought that this group might have a few ideas. Shop that did the most recent work on my tii has relocated out of town and is no longer an option. Anyone know of a cost effective but quality shop/painter? Thanks, Chris.
  3. Mike, Seat was delivered to a guy in Tacoma the other day.
  4. More miles on the Orange Merckx last year than the 911...that's both good and bad, I suppose... Red bike is a Merckx Professional; just picked that up. Nice ride, also. It's all vintage steel in my garage.
  5. Dennis, I just posted offering a tank from a '76. If you are still in need of a fume-free tank, call me. Chris 206-669-3325.
  6. Passenger seat from '73. All hardware is there, and no rips or tears in the seat, but small tear at corner of rear pocket. I don't need it, don't want it taking up garage space, and don't want to trash it. It is hot today, so if you can use it and bring a cold beer, it is all yours. Chris 206-669-3325
  7. Rust free, leak free gas tank from '76. Replaced with a fuel cell for capacity reasons, tank is solid and clean. Sending unit not included. Don't need it, but don't want to scrap it, and don't want to send it. Local trade for good local brew. Chris 206-669-3325
  8. tiiswit


  9. Steven, I just found this old thread. I am curious to know your solution, as I have the same issue. Battery is draining, reverse lights and radio have power even without ignition on. Pulling fuse 8 puts reverse lights out. Suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Anyone else here racing? The rusted out (lighter), moss and lichen-covered (camouflaged) Hurling Moss will be heading to Infinion again this weekend. We have enjoyed sharing the track with a few other 02s the past few races, along with an army of e30s (incredible $500 cars!!). I hope that a few of the 02s join us this weekend. Bring spare parts...Stop and say hello, if you are in the neighborhood. --Chris
  11. Simon, Sorry our call was not successful last night. I was tied up all day today, but will try you tomorrow to discuss the car. By the way, did you also see that there is another '72 for sale up in Kalispell on craigslist? Could be a nice car, also.
  12. I am in Missoula for the weekend, visiting family, and may be able to help you out. Is the car in town, or close by? Saturday is my best opportunity to have a look. Sunday I am heading to Big Timber (east), so if the car is in that direction, that might work. I am back in Missoula on Thursday, if the car cannot be viewed in the next two days. Please let me know if I can help you. Chris-- two zero six, six six nine, three three two five. BTW, Charlie Culver is an excellent option for a thorough mechanical inspection, as is Rocky Mountain Imports.
  13. My recollection is that it is the clip on the end that breaks, as it is now plastic, where the old stuff was metal, and not the actual cable that has issues. I am away from home, otherwise I would go look at the parts that I collected from the Jetta to jar my memory. --Chris>

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