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  1. @Hemaniaco have you tried this guys? i know that theres another company that may sell them, must check later when i arrive home https://cahsel.de/en/spares-bmw02/grp/ http://www.02-classic-racing.de/ https://www.ahrend-02-tuning.de/index.php/karosserie
  2. time to install the OMP rollcage that is been stored in the garage for some years... prep up and fresh paint and it will look good
  3. thanks, i love the kleeblatts but they just dont have the specs i need...shipp them to Australia will be a fortune
  4. damm...its been a while since i dont touch the 2002...and i hate garage queens... so in past years i´ve been collecting some parts and now the 2002 will be back with maximum force (i hope) this done in the past years: wheel firewall moved back to get more clearance to the wheels rear disc brakes conversion remove all the carpets and noise shields new exhaust new exhaust manifold weber 45´s (remove the 40´s dellorto´s) custom gas pedal - i was tired of the gas pedal always geting out of position remove "some" rust replace the 7x13 ronals and put 8x13 compomotives ML1380, i´m running with 35mm spacers and that´s not good, wheels are just not enough, but they look great ;( about the carpets and noise shiels, guys this is just a big pain in the ass jezz i will never do that again!!!!! at least i save about 25kg then, when i was hunting an e30 323i i found the engine holy grail for sale, just siting in a corner of the warehouse one S14, and then things get a litle bit more serious. next step is to finish the interior, install the s14, coilovers (custom struts with 8inch and 325lbs front to start), install fiberglass wood, trunk, center console and bumpers... i will need for sure some help to get the s14 running again some pics cheers Egas
  5. Perfect! Thanks for the imput...e21 gearbox will be!
  6. Mlytle what a nice project...i have my car for 12 years now and my ultimate goal is to have an s14 in it. Finally after this time i manage to get one engine, gearbox and diff. How does your e21 gearbox holds? I’m planning do install the s14 with custom e21 gearbox rally raports to avoid messing with the body as the m3 e30 gearbox doesnt fit. 7ish pages of fun you have here, congrats!! Keep up the good work cheers from Portugal!
  7. egas


  8. by the way... my 2002 "vector" cheers
  9. thanks Fmduarte, the calipers are from the 244 volvos, and they are a bit heavy, need to put a willwood kit or something like that... the main problem is the clearance with the 13 wheels cheers
  10. hey Scott, do you use any spacers on your car? i´m going to put BWA sportstar rims (13x8, just like yours) on my 1602 with turbo flares and i dont know if the wheels are wide enough... thanks Egas
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