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  1. Jason is the man. He knows his stuff and he is serious about turning out good work.
  2. I'll be in the Peachtree Chapter corral in my e30 M3. If I want to stroll over and meet you guys, am I to understand that you'll be meeting at turn 12 Saturday and Sunday?
  3. Thank you for displaying your build. It has been a treat to read about and gander at your car's transformation. Good luck on the hillclimb this weekend!
  4. I disagree. Lotus(es?) do not have a usable back seat or trunk, two of the factors that make the 02 so desirable. Uhh this Lotus has a back seat and a trunk..... http://www.lotuscars.com/evora/ Yes, I know, but I don't think any of us will fit into that backseat and I doubt if I can as much stuff in the trunk of that Evora as I can into an '02. That said, the Lotus will run rings around my '02!
  5. A lot of the older 911 guys mix Bilstein Sport and HDs on their cars too. I have never fully understood the reasoning behind it, but if you if you research those cars you will see that it is somewhat common in that circle--maybe one out of every five modified cars.
  6. My father bought "our" 02 in 1972 for my mother for Christmas, and it was "my" first car when I got my license in 1992. I wrecked the car in May of '93, and although it was repaired and is still in the family, one of my biggest regrets is not being able to drive the car with the original tag that it had--so much so that I've pondered attempting getting a vanity tag with the original numbers on it). That was the first license plate number that I memorized (I still remember it to this day), and it, the car, and the memories are very dear to me. I said all of this more as a personal catharsis, but also to point out that sometimes the desire may be more of a way of rekindling the place and the era that the cars were new and/or remembered in. Hopefully this provides another viewpoint that some others can relate to.
  7. I disagree. Lotus(es?) do not have a usable back seat or trunk, two of the factors that make the 02 so desirable. As far as how much one would cost nowadays, compared to everything else on the market, I'd say in the low to mid $40k range.
  8. Thanks for the pictures. That thread made me really homesick, and I won't be home for Christmas this year. Sigh...
  9. I've never seen them on an '02, but I think they'd look great.
  10. Wow! Those sure do take me back... My neighbor worked at a Datsun dealership and had a set on his 2000 and another on his 510. That was over twenty years ago!
  11. Thanks for the explanation, 2002haus.
  12. I should probably know the answer to this, but I am new here so please excuse me for asking publically if I'm in the wrong... What is the expected nature of this engine (aggressive street, or better left for track work) and approximately how much power should it be expected to make? Also, are there any other components needed (carbs, etc.) to make it run? Thanks
  13. mshii


    Thanks, Franchise. I just replied to your e-mail.
  14. Noooo! I'm too late! That would've been perfect! Good buy! Hopefully I stumble across something like this again.
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