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  1. Price:: 350 Location: : Lebanon, OH I have 2 struts for sale. One of the struts has part of an insert stuck in the tube, and I mean really stuck. I would think at this point the tube has to be cut off and welded. the other I have never tried to do anything with. So let me say again it is stuck. With that said I am asking $400 with the hubs or make me offer. The price does not include shipping and packing. Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you.
  2. +1 on the sunroof headliner. You seem to be describing exactly what is hanging in my basement, which happens to be my next project. Headliner goes in when I get back from vacation. Larry
  3. So I searched about the location and size of the holes for the belt line trim and this is what I found http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/43645-drilling-for-belt-line-trim/ Not very much information. Does anyone have an idea where I can find any information. The Mike Macartney only has a diagram for the door holes (beltline, knee, and side rear view mirror). Thanks for any help. Larry
  4. I want to go to the Ohio Mile. The fastest Vixen RV was there last year. I know Vixens are either BMW TD powered or GM V6. I would love to see that.
  5. Thanks Jim, you're the best. Your attention to detail every time you post something is just impressive.
  6. me too chargin and I see the little black rubber strip in the sixth picture down and I can see it does not go around the whole opening (or whole hole) though in this blog it seems to be longer than mine. Why does in not go around the back I am asking. By the way that is a beautiful write up! I refer to it constantly.
  7. So, I am building my sunroof on my car I have never seen together, been collecting parts from our favorite suppliers and now I am stumped. I got that little gasket/seal/black mystery rubber thing that is about 47" long and I am having a real hard time figuring out where it goes. At 47" it is barely long enough to go around half of the sunroof opening, so what is it doing up there anyway?
  8. I am trying to run the sunroof drain tubes in my car, which did not originally come with a sunroof (installed by PO). I am having real problems with getting a tube down the pillar. Its path seems to be blocked by a captive nut that I guess would be for the third point int a three point seat belt system. (Picture). Now, am I just being a baby and I just need to work harder to get this done or is the nut not usually there?
  9. Good grief! My car is 43 years old and anybody and everybody who is willing to help me make it run is cool with me. Jeremy, Andrew and yes even Jeff have always helped me out. I dig that. If I have nothing to do on my 02 while I wait for parts from IE I blame ME. I know the lead time to order from them. I know my car. I know what has to be done. I can do the math and order accordingly.
  10. To make things a little bit more clear. I am out as of right now. Big thanks though!
  11. Who's is closest to Cincinnati? Ingramlee, does yours have a defroster? I hope my car will never see frosty windows again, so I wont be needing those little wires.
  12. I will take the rear wind screen. Can I pick it up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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