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  1. The p4 tooth is of by about a 1/4 tooth at WOT. i now have a understanding of the problem , Thanks for all the input much appreciated
  2. ok, couldn't view the picture from my cell phone on a computer now I can see them will update my findings later tonight
  3. The butterfly inside the throttle body is not opening all the way at WOT. Is there another link to those pictures bill? Thanks
  4. Wasn't there would have liked to of been, I do however have the pleasure of owning an"02-02-02" sticker that came in the glove-box of an 02 I bought, lol , it now resides in the top drawer of my tool box
  5. from the gas pedal linkage to the injection pump linkage it has two holes for the rod to go into. should it be in the hole towards the front or back of the car? or is it an allotted adjustment to make up slack? my throttle body is not opening all the way ,this looked to be a solution ? have not swapped it to the rear hole yet as I had no time tonight thanks in advance
  6. I dont think you need a defense imagine how many of these things would have never been cleaned if it werent for this site or macartneys resto guide who would ever think a filter would be there. I would say 50% of all tii's have never had this thing cleaned and eventually the pump gets replaced
  7. the electric fuel pump on my tii was quite noisy so per the forum and mike mccartneys resto guide , I decided to clean the filter out- for reference you don't need to remove the pump, remove the inlet line to the pump and carefully use a small flat head screw driver to grasp the lip of the screen which is plastic and sits right in the inlet to the fuel pump and carefully pry it out this is what came out of my filter/screen
  8. It can never be just one thing by the time im done with this ill have said :well while im in here 10 times Thanks jim &paul for the heads up
  9. It can never be just one thing by the time im done with this ill have said :well while im in here 10 times Thanks jim &paul for the heads up
  10. ahhhh i wash hoping that wouldn't be the case, is it just the fact that i don't want to turn the injectors while removing/installing the lines ?
  11. can you post a picture, if I could see it I might be able to compare it to mine someone else will surely chime in
  12. Im replacing the plastic fuel lines on my tii , is it possible to replace these without removing the intake manifold? the car is a 72 and has plastic runners doesn't have any intake leaks and id rather not remove them if I don't have to #1 and 4 I can get to #2 & 3 look like they will be fun either in the form of bending a wrench or removing the intake anyone been here done this? thanks in advance Mike
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