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  1. Or the 4 Alpina Numbered and Badged Touring's. I know not BMW factory but quite rare nonetheless. I suppose the rarest of the rare would be the Diana"s and electric vehicles.
  2. Golde tracks, 2 Bosch motors one working the other doesn't, 2 cables, switch, NLA foam padding for roof surround, Inner headliner panel, wiring. Pulled from a 74 2002 that was totaled. Motor was tested and works. This is a rare option for your 02. will fit in your existing Sunroof car. You will only need to switch out your tracks, wire in motor, install foam padding under your headliner and install headliner panel. If you have any questions go ahead and email me @ [email protected] Price plus shipping. 550.00 FIRM!
  3. Anyone have the dimensions on the (silver) scalloped or fish scale type as they are commonly called for years 70-72? 68 and 69 were black and smooth and 70-73 were silver. I'm having those reproduced to original and have everything ready but all the decals at my disposal are mostly damaged so I cant get exact dimension. TIA AG
  4. In need of DCOE jets. Idle, main and air corrector. would like to borrow or purchase your used laying around jets. in West Linn Oregon 97068. 40mm under 2000 cc TIA. Sean
  5. Like I said before, the prices are all over the board. It's not that their going up just different outlets have crazy prices. Trying to justify the cost of a few brackets, springs and a bicycle cable for 160.00 is ridiculous. Carb's unlimited has the set up for 137,99 free shipping. Still a lot of dough but at least they give you a cable! My car is a show car so it has to be something nice not fabricated. Thanks for all the responses and advice.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I guess I should of described what I was looking for . It's the one with the double springs and single or double cable operation for twin DCOE. There is also a bottom mount version as well. I do remember these not too long ago being for sale in the 120.00 range. Anything beyond that seems a bit high IMHO. Thanks.
  7. I seem to remember there was an outfit out there selling these kits for 120.00. I've been looking for the kit and have been finding them spread across the board at 135.00 to 180.00 !!!! Obviously I'd like to pay as little as I can. Anyone know who has these at 120.00 or less? TIA.
  8. Looks animated to me like a video game!
  9. Turn it in and get a rebuilt one. many volvos also had the same brake booster as well as Alfa GTV 6 Volvo P1800 and others. Sometimes you can find them for as little as 50.00 if you don't mention BMW tii otherwise expect to pay 250.00-350.00 if you do.GL
  10. Which pieces do you need?
  11. The warp and distortion was due to the excessive epoxy they used to put them together. They are two pieces glued together. The epoxythey used was too hot for the plastic and caused the distortion to occur and also the sun didn't help either. I have many perfect ones and of course many warped and distorted ones. Just was the luck of the draw I guess. About 85% of the ones I find are all damaged to some degree. GLWF
  12. They go up to mid 71 just up to when the late 71 cars came out with 2 piece dash. The early cars mid 71 back had the nicest dash's. IMO. I have a box full of these and 3- 3 piece dash's stored away as well. I know I have some NLA old stock of these corner vent covers stored away also. I'll part with some of the used but not my NLA pieces. I may also have part numbers too! #51 45 7 480 119 #51 45 7 480 120
  13. It's all cars 76 and later. Society is slowly loosing its love for the automobile. Thats why you see so much public transportation. Here in the Portland area the city has given up a lot of its public roads to choo choo trains and bicycles. It is so much about the environment and clean air everybody should ride a bike take a bus or train that cars are considered "EVIL". Teenagers here don't even own cars and have no desire to drive, many parents are now chauffeurs. Kids nowadays don't even care about cars or classic cars. Really worried about the future of the Classic Car. Who will be the keepers or custodians of these beloved vintage vehicles?
  14. Here in Oregon we have the same issue. 76 and later cars are what we call "DEQ'd. Department of Environmental Quality tested. Unless you live outside of city limits you'll have to "smog" your car. Real pain for anyone who owns a 76 2002.
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