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  1. I'm reluctantly offering up for sale my 1973 2002 project with all the parts I've amassed over the last 13 years. I purchased my first 2002, the '73 listed here, back in 2004. I now have two children and no time to finish. The car is completely disassembled. The body is currently on a rolling dolly. The floor pans, trunk, and right side rocker and rear quarter have all been done. The nose is off now. The driver side rocker has some rust. All the parts to finish the car are included, NOS nose skin, NOS front fenders, NOS drivers side rocker and NOS rear quarter. Second full nose assembly. I also have several hoods and trunk lids, at least one set which is rust free. The engine does not have matching numbers, but is completely rebuilt. New mahle bathtub pistons. 121 head. Crank timing wheel for electronic ignition. Complete intake manifold and efi system for a megasquirt conversion. Megasquirt brain and harness. I also have the original 2 bbl solex and manifold if you prefer to go that route. Several sub frames. Several gas tanks. Performance suspension parts. A set of rare ATS 5-spoke wheels. Complete 3.64 LSD conversion. Shelves full of misc parts. Too much to list it all. Buy to finish, or buy to part out, it makes no difference to me. Must pick up, I will not ship. I will upload some pics later today. Contact me via the forum or HerkojhATgmailDOTcom
  2. A variety of parts left from my '71 and '74 parts cars. Subframes, strut assemblies, rear differential, steering cloumns, switches, seat parts, springs, flywheel, M10 block, crank, pistons, downpipe, etc. Need something not listed, shoot me an email, I just might have it. Prices are listed w/ picture description, use link below. Shipping extra, pickup welcome. Thanks, Jon herkojhATgmailDOTcom http://picasaweb.google.com/107966359306562446098/BMW2002PartsForSale#
  3. I have probably half a dozen sets. $40 for the best pair plus shipping. [email protected]
  4. I took the leftover seat scraps and pieced together upholstery for a decent drivers side seat base. No Cracks or Splits here! $75 OBO Shipping will be $10 for just the foam and upholstery, more like $30 if you want the seat frame too.
  5. Here are the last of the seat parts and everything is cheap. Anything that doesn't sell or get given away is getting scraped. Also some other parts that have been kicking around the garage and getting in my way. Here they are: Driver's side seat back, some good material left here for upholstery repairs etc. $25 whole or email me for individual parts. Passenger's side seat back, upholstery here is actually pretty decent. $30 whole or email me for individual parts. Passenger's side seat base, foam is in decent shape and already cut to fit. $10 whole or email me for individual parts. Driver's seat base, maybe there's something usable here? FREE Seat Hinges (both front seats, only one set shown) $35 Solid M10 Downpipe $40 Nice M10 Oil Pan $75 BMW Factory Reman M10 Starter, maybe unused? $25 228mm Flywheel, Clutch, Pressure Plate $55 Pilot Bearings, 2 styles, $10ea Late Model Dash, 2-3 cracks $30 with switches, $20 w/o Even more: https://picasaweb.google.com/107966359306562446098/BMW2002PartsForSale#
  6. I've got one with the manual choke for $60. herkojhATgmailDOTcom
  7. jherko

    heater box

    Ian, I've got one if you need. I'm sure there are a few small cracks, but I will get you pictures if interested. $75 shipped. herkojhATgmailDOTcom
  8. Passenger seat bottom upholstery has SOLD. Thanks!
  9. InkaTii, $15 shipped for the two recline knobs to 34741. You can submit payment to me via paypal that the address in my signature. Thanks, Jon

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