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  1. PM Sent... If you will ship them, I will buy them. Greyhound bus is a good way to ship. There is a location in Seattle, WA, which is close enough on this end. I sent you an email as well with my cell number. Please let me know! Thank you... I have a PayPal account. Tim
  2. The answer is pretty obvious, isn't it...Patrick at Midnight Motorsports IS the right place to go. Honest, a wealth of knowledge, and a stand up guy. You won't be disappointed! Tim
  3. When is your son's spring break? Maybe we could work this out somehow... Tim
  4. Hey, I have a blue one with tan interior in GREAT shape...automatic too! Here is my Craigslist posting: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/2260680059.html Let me know if you are interested. I have more pictures... Tim 206-941-9203
  5. Up for sale is our 1975 2002. It is blue with tan interior, which is in great condition. The car runs/drives/stops perfectly. Everything but the odometer/trip odometer work. The dash has ONE minor imperfection, but it otherwise in excellent condition. E-mail me if you have any questions or want pictures. Here is the Craigslist Seattle posting: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/2260680059.html Asking $3500 Tim 206-941-9203
  6. My 1975 '02 blinkers don't work. All other lights including the hazards work fine. When I move the turn stalk, it clicks into place, but there is no clicking after that. NOTHING happens with the lights. However, I think there is a current being drawn. When the car is cold, and I turn the key to test the turn signals, the temperature gauge moves up slightly AFTER I move the turn stalk. Anyone know which relay/flasher is the one for the signals? I have already cleaned all the fuses just in case. Thanks! Tim
  7. goinstrong


    What are you asking for this car? Thanks... Tim
  8. There is an aftermarket kit that has a bracket designed to attach to the remnant of the plastic piece that always breaks off. I will try to find the website for ordering...the name escapes me right now. I went this route and it was simple, especially compared to removal and reinstall of the heater box! It has a hole for the valve mechanism to slide through, and helps when you go to attach the cable on the backside. Tim Here's the link: http://www.cpiauto.com
  9. Sorry to not call sooner. The snow/Thanksgiving sidetracked me. I am interested as before...specifically for the auto console and shifter, but will take it all off your hands if those are still available. My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks! Tim
  10. I will give you a call tomorrow. I can pick it all up this week. Thanks! Tim
  11. Are you willing to separate any of the parts? I need the gearshift selector and the console mount for the automatic. I will take it all if needed...let me know. I am in Seattle, and could come this week. Thanks! Tim
  12. Thanks!! I sent an e-mail to you since it is a bit late tonight to give you a call. I will give you a call tomorrow. Tim
  13. Does anyone have a pair of late model stock tan front seats they don't want or need anymore near Seattle, WA? I am looking for a pair for my 1975 '02. Thanks... Tim
  14. If these are still around, I am interested, and in the Seattle area... Thanks. Tim

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