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  1. remmib02


  2. Name: Little monster 02 (aka Bare Foote edition) back home Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-09-26 Submitter: remmib02   Little monster 02 (aka Bare Foote edition) back home  
  3. Name: BMW 2002 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-04-07 Submitter: remmib02 BMW 2002
  4. Name: BMW M3 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-04-07 Submitter: remmib02 BMW M3
  5. Sent the extra driver side short panel side to o2 builder in Australia
  6. WANTED: Parts needed for new project: 74 2002 Inka radiator 4spd, transmission or 5 spd complete w driveshafts, linkage/lines tii or stock exhaust manifold with downpipe, or decent header radiator heaterbox with core and controls stock steel stamped 74 silver wheels (5) stock steel wheels from early 320i, windshield unrusted, non bondo doors, hood, trunk lid, spare tire wheel, floor sections, and rocker patch panels foho kamie or other front air dam rear sport or stock springs set of matched sport springs for stage 2 of the project 74 stock tan seats, not 75s or 76s, not cloth and not overstuffed. used but decent 1 piece carpet stock 4 post steering wheel short or long console parts momo hub and wheel for future track use sport seats and four point roll bar spare tire trunk panel, original grey vinyl,worn torn ok. decent non tii one piece dash Also will consider a complete project or parts car with correct FL title FOR SALE: Already have a completed motor so I dont need spare m10 1975 2.0 bare block and 121ti head. Have enough glass for 9 cars but no windshields. Also have alot left but not what I need for the 74 Inka. email [email protected] Prefer Florida sellers as shipping is $$$. Thanks
  7. I recommend German Motor Werks in Longwood, Florida. Contact Jim or Debra at 407.699.4151 with an outline of your project. Since you are the original owner of your 76, consider rebuilding the original motor so the vehicle numbers will match, Maybe add a hotter cam, intake, exhaust, ignition, etc. Or opt to add 2 more cylinders. The shop services and build all years/models of BMW and Porsche plus handle PPIs. The shop owners both have 2002s in addition to an e46 m3 and a mint 88 M3 plus other vehicles. A tour of the shop also shows numerous BMW and Porsche race cars prepared by Jim for events.
  8. Its a great looking car, but 32 - 35 psi for tire pressure is too high for normal driving. There is a probably a good reason the engineers suggested 26 psi the 1 ton 2 series. Using 40psi in your new 13" will reduce traction and control in all temps. But, if you like the abrupt oversteer after hitting a series of pot holes on a curved two lane jersey country road....or hitting a patch of wet leaves...just keep full replacement value insurance on it and hope the 41 year old seatbelts hold. Oil cap: Such as nice car as yours should have the correct cap. Does your Benz and Porsche have non marque parts installed?
  9. remmib02

    30th Annual All British Car Show

    Count me in without a BMW.
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