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  1. Palouse is a neat little town. I lived in Moscow for 3 years while attending school.
  2. If you are still trying to figure out if you have a fan airflow problem or a coolant system burping problem, I would think that a drive at sustained speed would help clarify your problem area. Drive at a speed where there is a lot of airflow through the radiator and the electric fan stays off. If you have temperature issues then I'd say you have a cooling system problem other than inadequate airflow from your electric fan. If everything seems ok while driving that would seem to say that the cooling system overall is working and no need to burp or anything like that. Sounds like the Hayden fan may not be generating enough airflow to me. Good luck.
  3. I went through this a couple years ago. Ended up buying a couple filter elecments from a place in the UK. Rallynuts was the name of the place. It was not the type of customer service that we are used to here. I eventually got the items I paid for, but next time I need more filters I will look to buy them elsewhere. If you find a good source, please post it. I have a FilterKing regulator/filter on my Mini.
  4. I'm going to the Mitty, but didn't get the 02 finished in time so I'll be driving my Miata.
  5. I just made similar fog mount lights yesterday. I used a galvanized chain link fence post I bought at Lowes. I needed a distraction since I was tired and frustrated after making and mounting new fuel line and return line. Too much time laying under the car.
  6. That's what I was going to say. I will say that Hyundai is making some decent cars today, and if I were new car shopping they would be high on my list.
  7. One day last October, I offered to remove my exhaust manifold so a guy I know with an E30 318 could see if his homemade turbo manifold would fit on a 2002. The car has not been started (much less driven) then. I figured that as long as I had the exhaust manifold off I might as well move forward and start my Megasquirt project. Then I figured I might as well rebuild my head since my valve guides were worn. Then I figured I might as well figure out to mount a Delco CS130 alternator. Then the electric fan. I took a few months off, but am now getting close to finishing up. Mostly down to wiring at this point. I've turned my 1 hour project into a 7 month one so far, so I understand where you are coming from.
  8. I used a silicone 2.75" 90* elbow. It was tight on the throttle body, but it goes on there. Then, I bought a chrome exhaust tip from autozone and drilled it out and put a bung in it for the IAT sensor. Then a K&N filter with a 20* angle on the inlet. It puts the air filter right where I wanted it and the chrome intake pipe looks better than I thought. I'm still in progress on my EFI project, but getting close. Down to wiring, running new fuel hard line, and making a throttle cable bracket. Then on to tuning/troubleshooting. Hoping to get to that stage this weekend.
  9. I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago, but it happened to me while driving my Mini to work one morning. On the interstate I started to notice that I was being followed by a cloud of smoke. Then it started getting a little smelly inside the car. Oil pressure was fine. I slowed down and got into the far right lane. That didn't help, smoke was getting worse. Took the next exit. At the red light at the end of the ramp there was a lot of smoke coming out from my engine compartment. None from the exhaust. Carefully went the few more miles to work and opened the bonnet to find that I had developed a fairly sizable valve cover gasket leak that was allowing oil to drip right onto the hot headers. I didn't have an extinguisher though or any extra oil. Made it home with the cloud on my heels and got a new gasket.
  10. I have S Drives on my Miata. I like them. No experience with the Dunlops. Running Kumhos on the 2002.
  11. I am also planning on mounting my fog lights in the bumper mounting holes. Waiting for my spoiler to arrive that I just bought from Pierre to see how it will all work out. I'm also interested in any more details of your light brackets/mounting. Thanks, T.J.
  12. 40 for another month or so anyway. 1980 Mazda GLC 1986 Camaro 1981 Honda Accord hatchback 1986 Chevy Spectrum 1991 Mercury tracer wagon (first car bought new) 1965 Austin Healy Sprite 1994 Mazda MX-3 1995 Mazda B4000 pick up 1996 Ford Countour 1998 Ford Windstar 1999 Jeep Wrangler 2002 Ford E-150 van (still have) 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S (still have) 1999 Saturn SL1 1991 Volswagen Cabriolet 2005 Mazdaspeed Miata (still have) 2008 Honda Fit (still have) 1975 BMW 2002 (still have)
  13. I'd like to see a bronze set of RBs on a '02. (I don't think they make them in bronze in a 4x100 pattern)
  14. Maybe add a bit about the various ways people have attacked the throttle linkage question. It seems like that is the one area where everyone does it their own way. I haven't tackled mine yet, but I've looked at lots of different solutions posted here.
  15. Keep posting your updates Tom. I know a project like this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I sure want to see how you get it all to work together.

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