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  1. A late Verona red 2002 outside of the Woodlands restaurant in Salisbury CT. Anyone here?
  2. Best birthday cake I have ever scene but I am not sure if I would be able to eat it either.
  3. Gotta love E46 M3's when I am not driving my 2002 Tii I hop in the E46 M3. So much fun to drive.
  4. I used to have a very sloppy 5 speed tried to figure it out and it stumped me. I am still learning! But I brought it to Bimmers Only to have an LSD put in and they fixed the transmission for me it feels like a new car now huge difference.
  5. I currently run a 5 speed transmission and 3.91 LSD and love the set up.
  6. Hey guys dumb question but I just want to make sure I am not disconnecting more than I need to. I am going to be playing around with the ride height of my car for the next couple weekends. removing spacers trying different springs. What is the best way to remove the front and rear springs any types and things to avoid. I searched but nothing came up surprisingly.
  7. That one turn looks tough. Car looks awesome though.
  8. This is what mine looks like I am missing a few parts... Also spotted on 684south near Katonah, NY.
  9. I took the top two screws of the injection system and I am missing some of the springs and what not inside. This might answer why my car has been hesitating over 3,000RPMs. Where can I buy these parts? Thanks for your input.
  10. Hey I am interested in the IE step headers. Can you email me at [email protected] These will fit a 74Tii right? I just bought an ansa sport exhaust so hopefully I can do a full exhaust.
  11. I searched and searched and could not find an answer sorry. How much oil does the M10 engine take when changing the oil filter.
  12. What battery have you had the most success with. brand? size?
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