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  1. Now listed on eBay, with two days to go. http://www.ebay.com/itm/191313889777?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. It's the original color Colorado Orange, I believe it was DuPont paint. The door handles were drilled long before Magnus came on the scene!
  3. Terry Forland at Racecraft in Woodinville WA made them for me. Skill with a drill!
  4. Not sure on the spoiler and flares, I bought them from members on FAQ long ago. I made the bumper up myself.
  5. Mostly zero hours per week! It was a matter of finding the time and motivation(at the same time)
  6. There's got to be some one in Maine that knows what happened to him!
  7. That's a good idea. Any other Maine members in the vicinity? He has to have friends in the 02 world that aren't too far away. I'm just thinking we could at least find out whats going on with him.
  8. Still hoping he resurfaces, I sent him a really nice 2002 tool kit in trade for doing a set of Italian lights for me. Any new news on this front? john
  9. New set fits up to 74. clutch 1861661133 and pressure plate 3082005132 Plus shipping from Seattle. [email protected]
  10. Early style new $45, early style used $40 plus shipping from Seattle. Email to [email protected]
  11. All new old stock Early 2002 oil pump chains 11410652140 $20 each STD Main bearings $25 each set Two only 89.25 first oversize rings $10 both Bavaria timing chain 113110731 $20 Bavaria timing crank gear 1121 1265 011 $20 Bavaria cam gear 1131 1278 989 #$20 Sachs clutch 1861661133 and PP 3082005132 $100 All plus shipping from Seattle Email to [email protected]
  12. I've been trying to reach Bob Northrup for a while now about some turn lights of mine he has. Anyone been in touch with him?
  13. Nice wheel, about 13" diameter, slight shinkage at bottom seam(see pic) [email protected]
  14. I'll take it if still available. let me know your paypal [email protected]
  15. Looked on the back and couldn't find any number starting with W? I see the W number on the older cluster, but not on the late one.
  16. Straight but with several small ripples and imperfections, left end has slightly clouded chrome, other chrome is good. No bumperettes. jmschneemanmsn.com
  17. Steering box from '75, smooth, no notchiness, Located in seattle, [email protected]

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