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  1. Looking for a new tii gas pedal? 145.00 for tii specific gas pedal from BMW. Recently W&N has released a tii specific pedal for about 48. Euros. At least one tii part has become less expensive.
  2. I am looking for cage nuts that hold mirror to door. BMW #07129925804 thanks Henry
  3. Hey I am looking for drivers side knee height door trim. It is rubber with chrome strip. Looking for a very good condition. Thanks
  4. Free Interstate MT 26R battery. Free! Cannot be shipped. Must be picked up in Ticonderoga NY about 2 hours N of Albany NY. This battery is has no issues and always has been kept charged. i think I have had it for about 5 years and only a couple thousand miles. thanks Henry
  5. ZF sold these to Foreign Auto part distributors back in the eighties when had my auto parts store. I remember purchasing one from Metrix for my 74 tii and it cost about 600.00$ Makes parallel parking and low speed positioning quite difficult for anyone over 30. Otherwise it is rewarding at speed. HN
  6. Some of the air boxes were from E21 320i and the bottom part was not suitable for 02. That is why mine had no air box. Most took it off thinking it restricted horsepower, that how I purchased one. It took about 2 years to find one. Came from a shop in Munich.
  7. WTB new or very nice knee trim for drivers side door. This is the trim that is mostly rubber with narrow metal strip. thanks shipped to 12884
  8. Do you have driver side knee trim on the door? shipped to 12884 thanks
  9. I was never satisfied with using a 26 r battery because it had only the mounting ledge on the long sides of the battery. The short sides have no ledge. A tii battery tray was never originally drilled for a hold down on the side but on the end of the battery tray. I tried group 48 but it would not fit especially with the Alpina air box. Other members had mentioned a Mercedes starter battery BCI group V4. It has ledges on both the long and short sides of the battery. But it is about an inch short which was easily fixed with a spacer, in my case a piece garage door gasket hidden well from view. The V4 is substantially shorter in height which made it easier to install. On sale the price was similar to a high end 26R. One caveat; I don’t use my car in the winter and have no big power draining accessories.
  10. Recaro Classic division: Classic LS Classic LX Classic Pole Position
  11. Recaro reissues classic seats with upgraded safety features and slightly wider bolsters. No word on price yet.
  12. Thanks , looking forward to reuniting it one day.
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