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  1. Thanks , looking forward to reuniting it one day.
  2. Thanks everybody for your input. Looks like I am going to check out the V4 sized battery. With the mount in the correct location I do not have to worry about it hitting the top of the tii alternator.
  3. It is about the size and the retaining tabs on the ends. Tii battery trays have the battery clamp located on the end near the brake master cylinder. thanks
  4. This size battery fits correctly and has the proper retaining tabs at each end. I can’t find a version of this is the States. Any ideas? I have a 26r currently and have tried others but none are close enough to be able to use proper tii end mount. I do not want to move it into the trunk. thanks
  5. I have used H&R for both pump and wur. They are an authorized Bosch pump rebuilder,primarily for diesels. I was there in the Eighties and they are still in business. They rebuilt my pump about 5 years ago.
  6. H&R fuel injection in Bohemia NY. Fast turnaround and qualified.
  7. If you were wondering about the advantages of independent throttle bodies, aka Alpina A4. Porsche new Speedster has them also. At the 2019 New York International Auto Show, Porsche Motorsport's road-car boss, Andreas Preuninger, told us that his team first investigated individual throttle bodies as a way to make the engine even better. "Individual throttle bodies are known in racing for throttle response, performance, better part-load throttle behavior, more torque in the mid-range, and simply faster reaction to changes," he said.
  8. That air box was originally for a E21. The brackets to mount air box are on the side, not on the fender side like the one for a 02.
  9. My Alpina A4 throttle bodies have recently been rebuilt after years of inconsistent idle and performance. The throttle plates were worn and a lot of unmetered air was leaning out the mixture. I am waiting to see the results.
  10. 800 to refinish your original trim is better deal then new trim. I had a lot of trouble fitting rear pieces. Ended up not using them. FYI back in the eighties I sold sets of new aftermarket trim for 100.00!
  11. Do not use glass fuses! Use only ceramic.
  12. Please temporarily cover positive terminal on battery! Looks ripe for a short on a loose fuel line.
  13. Can you get a drift, a pointed rod, in there to get it started. If you can get it started knock the drift almost all the way through so you can get bolt started in. Knock the bolt through and the drift will fall out. I hope this helps.

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