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  1. Thanks all for the input, well my kidney had some rust spots and some rocks scratches from freeway driving, I just got the grilles and they are in very good shape, my mechanic had some left over black paint from BMW M3 he did the job, so he offer me the paint and I did all, maybe save some money and buy a new kidney later.
  2. i called and so far he is the cheapest i found, he suggested i rebuild the motor that i have for around 3k with the install and a new radiator with a 1 year warrenty 3K install + 1 year warranty , that's is cheap ...... go for. I did my years ago with Casey Motor Shop for 4500
  3. trying to understand why do I need to connect the hose from carburetor to valve cover? I saw some setup, they just put a breathers on the valve cover?
  4. did I install the kidney right? did not remember the position when I took out
  5. call this guy, he has one for sale 818 8159996 he is in LA
  6. Hi CJ, I will be leaving for the holidays in a week, please send me your email, when I come bake we can do it ..... will be in 2013 [email protected]
  7. Saturday … After removing all EGR stuff, I decided to post some pics on forum, c.d.iesel told me …… KEEP GOING MAN - DON'T STOP THERE! …….. Sunday I told myself way not, let me tell you………… 1- charcoal canister, windshield washer system … easy!! 2- AIR PUMP and all its hoses and bracketalia? ….. This one …….. let me tell you, what a pain, 2h to remove 2 screws and after that almost 1h to get the thing out, move to the left, to the right flip up, flip down, and finally came out, at this time I had this wonderful feeling ……………. I am invincible!!!! 3- About the AC, I am thinking to pay someone Thanks all …………Correa
  8. I have one & bracket 20.00 + S&H .... let me know
  9. got all my ERG stuff out and install manifold clean look ............. kinda
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