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  1. There is a bell housing for the M10 / 265 transmission conversion. Here's a link
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a S14 Bellhousing for the 265 transmission. This will bolt up to a regular m10 engine block and of course the S14 everyone desires. I've decided to go in a different direction with my build so will not be using it. Unit is excellent condition and is pretty rare Price for this is 325.00. I can meet in San Francisco or in the East Bay (Berkley). [email protected] Thanks for looking .
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows how made these kick panel speaker mounts. Would like to do a component speaker set up without cutting door panels to do so. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.
  4. I guess they sold out. Tried to sign up email notification but it won't go. Great for a good laugh if anything.
  5. Thanks Buckeye, I guess the answer is just below your response. Thanks for your input though I do appreciate it. HRDCRE: Thanks also, I ask Tom about this unit it'd be great to have one of these units for the work I want to do on my 02. Appreciate your assistance with this too! I think it's a great unit to have and it looked like it could hold up as well. Chris
  6. Hi Everyone. During the Brisbane 02 fest I saw on the give away table, a pre-fabricated dolly that bolted up to the front and rear suspension area on our 02's that would able you to move the car around during restoration or just body and paint. I thought at the time that I would be able to find it but with no luck I'm reaching out to the community for assistance. If anyone out there won this unit or knows who made it and if it's still available. I would be appreciative of your help. Thanks in advance Chris
  7. Good to know. Thanks for all the input. I'd like to have an informed thought before making a decision. Thanks again
  8. Thanks everyone items are tentatively sold.
  9. Here's an offering for Stage 2 springs and Bilstein sports SOLD!!!! Location: Bay Area / San Francisco CA US of A
  10. If anyone is interested. Tentatively SOLD!!!! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/pts/4667876761.html
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