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  1. Safe travels! We’re heading out of the Austin, Texas area Wednesday morning. Barney, Ed, Todd, and I will leave out of Cedar Park around 9:30 and meet up with David and Terry Sayther’s group along I35 just north of Austin. We’ll drive to Arkadelphia, Ak and stay the night. We’ll finish up the drive Thursday with the plan of rolling into Eureka Springs around 2:30. Houston on group is making the drive up on Thursday. Believe there are 10 H-Town 02s making the drive up together. Pretty sure they will be meeting up with a few 02rs along the way. Definitely look forward to putting faces to the names! Greg Resa
  2. Big_Lebowski


    New spare purchased for peace of mind... 🤗. 1 week from today!!
  3. Damn, I’ve missed out on some of the fun! Looking fantastic Ed.
  4. Big_Lebowski

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Stella in downtown Austin
  5. Big_Lebowski


    Terry Sayther - What are you needing done? Details on your 02? Pics? 😀
  6. Big_Lebowski

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Another solid turnout for our Austin, Texas 02 and Vintage BMW C&C. I didn’t have time to clean Stella up like I usually do but she was shine’n non the less. 😃
  7. Big_Lebowski

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Beautiful day in Austin today! Zipped through one of the boat launches off Lake Austin after our morning ATX 02 and Vintage BMW C&C. Couldn’t resist a quick pic or 50. 😂
  8. It’s that time again! Our ATX 2002 & Vintage BMW Cars and Coffee is this Saturday morning, March 16th, at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters on Lake Austin Blvd @ 8am. Usually head to Maudie’s TexMex down the street for breakfast around 9:30-9:45. Remember that we use the Hula Hut parking lot since they are closed. Let’s pack the parking lot! Greg Resa 512-680-6159
  9. You know me.... Always snapping pics. 😀 Greg
  10. Big_Lebowski

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Wish I could of made it back out today to help! Hate it when work gets in the way. Here’s a good pic I snapped Saturday. Greg
  11. Always enjoy getting together with you and Barney! Thanks for letting me help and learn. Greg
  12. Big_Lebowski


    Okay, Mid-America is creeping up on us. Looking like Texas will be well represented... Thought I would start a thread to see who all is heading up this year? I'll be heading up with Ed and Barney on Wednesday. Terry and crew heading up on Thursday. Hearing Houston has a good number driving up.
  13. Big_Lebowski

    2019 MidAmerica 2002 Fest Update

    Room booked and excited to make my first Mid-America! Making the drive up with the Cedar Park Crew. Ed Z, Barney & his wife Tory and myself are planning on heading up on Wednesday the 24th. Terry and other Austin 02rs will be heading up on Thursday the 25th. Look forward to meeting everyone! Greg Resa
  14. Big_Lebowski

    19th Annual MidAmerica 02 Fest Update

    Booked my room last week and will be driving up with Barney and Ed Z. Looking forward to attending my first Mid-America. :)
  15. Big_Lebowski

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Simple pic of the backside of one of Barney's, Ed Z's and my 02.