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  1. I bit far away but I like how the Inka shines with yellow when the sun hits it.
  2. Eibach springs, 14" rims, KYB shocks.....
  3. Email sent re:"NEW 320i door stops shipped 25.00 each"
  4. and I started thinking about selling it (gulp). I have no idea why but I never drive it and it's just sitting there. I haven't been involved with the site or even the car really. I drive it to golf and that's about it (and that's very occasionally). I guess I'm either asking for advice to sell it or keep it. As you can see it needs to have the holes filled from the bumper swap/delete. The original seats shed their hair but I've done a shit ton of work to it: The good: Not original engine but has a Schrick cam (not sure which one), Ireland Cannon intake, Top End header, Ansa resonator and muffler, poly bushings for the engine, alternator (80 amp upgrade at least), and the rear suspension, mechanical dizzy, top end front and rear strut braces with battery relocate, big Ireland spark plug wires, Aardvark BBK in the front with SS brake lines all around, new KYB shocks, CD's Weber prescription (oh yeah, 32/36 Weber), no crack dash, new windshield (OEM) gasket, newish paint (check out the pictures), sunroof (although I think some people don't like sunroofs and I don't know why), Esty carpet kit, added passenger mirror, Alpine speakers and amp, upgraded seat belts (in the front), 320IS steering wheel, POR-15'd (is that a word?) gas tank, Kamei front spoiler, Euro turn signals, Hella lights, the 14' BBS wheels, Bob's antenna end(!), intermittent wipers from a '76, new ball joints, Eibach springs. (Maybe more?) The bad: Two sets of tires (two of the same on the front, two of the same on the rear but all have good tread), aforementioned seats and "bodywork" (see the aforementioned bumper add/delete), a small bubble behind the right front tire (but that's it for rust), added passenger mirror, a sunroof deflector that fits "eh", the heater doesn't work but I don't really give a shit because I live in Florida (although the real reason may be because it's a PITA), Probably more? I don't know, talk me into something. I don't need the money so much but I'd still love to see her being driven the way she's supposed to be. Right?!?
  5. Wasn't Blunt selling these on his website? I thought Bob was making them or something (and they weren't $600).
  6. Alright, thanks everyone! I'll order that hose today Toby!
  7. Could someone please tell me if this hose will work when I install this 320 radiator? It may be an obvious yes but just want to make sure before I tear out the old one. Thanks in advance!
  8. The Malaga needs to have it's driver's side floor pan replaced. Not sure about the rocker panel. The rear towers are in good shape. I haven't seen the cars in a while, they're in Cocoa just off 95. I know even less about the other shell. I'm sure Cindy(cmoran2009ATcflDOTrrDOTcom) wouldn't mind you contacting her about the shell(s). Like I said, the Malaga was mine but I haven't been to her house in a year or so (the Malaga had my engine from my Inka. I should grab it and rebuild it...)
  9. Mark, I talked to my friend and she has two shells. One is a '76 (my old one) Malaga and a Polaris ('74 ?). Email me off line and I'll give you her email address.
  10. I'll trade you something if you don't have cash. How much is it worth? It's just taking up space at this point. -Pike
  11. I have two radiators for sale/trade. One is a stock radiator out of a '76 and another one that was included in the sale of that '76. The first two pictures are of the non-stock one. and here is the stock one:
  12. Oh no! I just threw out a stock header and down pipe!!
  13. I admit I've been very lax on attending these things. The last one I went to I found out I was getting ~12 MPG, plus it is pretty hot in the Summer time. however, now that it's cool I'll try to make it to this one the 14th. I'm getting back from California late Friday night. It would be nice to make a Melbourne caravan with Kiel, etc.
  14. I have this A/C compressor taking up space in my garage. And also some stock bumpers from my '74. I will hold onto this stuff for one week and then I'm poop canning it (except the rev limiter and brake line).
  15. So I just bought Recaro LX seats off of Kurt and was wondering if the adapters sold by Aardvark and others will work with them. Here are a couple pictures. Thanks for the input! -Pike
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