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  1. I would love a print of the top one for my cubicle at work. She is very talented.
  2. It would but I have to do a bunch of work to get it going and I don't want to stop driving it until after Oktoberfest. If I get the E9 going well enough to make the Ofest trip, Ill start on the 02 sooner.
  3. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr I need to redo the headliner and dash. I also have an AC center console I hope to get in this winter.
  4. Cleaned up the 02 after the vintage trip. I meant to post these last week but Flickr was down for a couple of days. IMG_7152 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_7167 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_7160 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_7174-2 by Nick Wood, on Flickr I cant bring myself to tag the tag from the Vintage off my mirror yet. I had such a good time, I cant wait for next year. IMG_7138 by Nick Wood, on Flickr
  5. Paul was walking around throwing them into people's cars. I moved my car later in the day so he hit me twice.
  6. Man you hooked me up on stickers. I am still finding them in my car. Haha
  7. In front of my Air B&B at The Vintage. I cant wait for next year. IMG_7052 by Nick Wood, on Flickr
  8. Well this was my first Vintage and wow.... it was awesome. I snapped a few pics but I was honestly too busy talking to get a ton. I cant wait until next year. Here is a link to my album. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmDC2fBf
  9. Drove mine up to the foundation. Then drove it to Hot Springs for The Vintage. Now I’m having a beer waiting on tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Packed for the vintage. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr "installed" my butt saver. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Ready to roll in the morning.
  11. Just a little bump for the vintage. I will be bringing some koozies with me.
  12. They are worth what people are willing to pay for them.... I feel like there is the same thread on E9coupe about screw drivers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heyco-BMW-E9-E21-Red-Reversible-Handle-Flathead-Phillips-Screwdriver/362612925559?hash=item546d6a2477:g:MJYAAOSw9zdcvjXj:sc:USPSFirstClass!30265!US!-1
  13. It looks great!!! Single stage can be a pain sometimes. I finished my vintage prep for the car. Cleaned and sealed the wheels and hub caps and checked all the lugs. Now I just need to pack. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr
  14. Gave it a good wash and a fresh coat of wax before The Vintage. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr
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