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  1. After people have been telling me for decades I have the wrong valve cover, I actually checked inside for a date stamp. My ribbed valve cover was delivered on a CKD car built in Belgium in May 1967. It has a date stamp on the inside of March 1967. That's just one data point ... but they did indeed exist back then ... one of those little enigmas connected to these cars ...
  2. My 6V 1967 1600-2 will happily run 170 kph on the speedo. And GPS tells me that that isn't too far off the actual speed the car is going... congrats on the rebuild!
  3. Your original problem may not have been the bearing (and maybe it still isn't). The rubber front brake lines tend to swell shut and then act as a one-way valve, so when you stop braking, the brake does not release. Hence the smoke and the smell. "burning bearings" don't smell or smoke - they don't typically burn either. Horrible scary noises, yes, loose wheels, yes, but smoke ? Brakes, on the other hand, can get the hub very hot and burn the grease. Do a "shake the wheel " test - if everything is still tight, you problem is the brake line, not the bearings. If things got too hot, the bearings may be shot as well, but start by looking at the brakes...
  4. There are a few very bad ideas in there too ... such as the "Bremskraftbegrenzer" - the brake force limiter. Not exactly ABS, but by worsening your brakes it nevertheless prevents your wheels from blocking while braking (!)
  5. My Belgian 67 doesn't have and never had any black paint in the embossed sections of the trim, not on the front, and not on the back either. Due to the pattern in the embossing, it's highly unlikely that it all flaked off without leaving any trace whatsoever.
  6. That's the thing - when you talk to firemen here, they warn you not to use the fire extinguisher on your car - "it's only use is for throwing at someone who is planning to use their fire extinguisher on your car - with the notable exception if some inside needs to be rescued". Engine bay fires ? Let the insurance deal with it. The powder will short and corrode all the electrics in short order - maybe not as disastrous in an 02 with a "simple" wiring harness and no electronics,but for any modern car, this is a guarantee to sentence it to the scrap heap within 6 months. And the insurance only tends to pay out for a car in matte black without tires left on it ... The "chemistry" they quote looks rather chinese to me ... and I have a PhD in chemistry.
  7. ...but that paint ...and the doors don't line up!
  8. Hi Paul, 4AA batteries you steal out of something else and a bit of wire will do it Thanks, Cris
  9. Do you know if it works ? I may be interested if it does, shipping to Europe with USPS First-Class Package International Service™ would be 23$ when I guesstimate 1 lb 6 ounces ?
  10. Over, under, plus, minus, Celsius, Fahrenheit, it's all the same anyway. Just make up your own hood sticker any way you like it :-p "Spätestens nach 6 Monaten throughout the year ?"
  11. Little late for that - I don't think there's anyone left on the planet that doesn't hold a grudge against photobucket. They killed themselves, and they know it.
  12. Well, the very, very first thing that I'd do that you haven't yet apparently, is check whether your spark plugs actually spark, before worrying about bluetooth thing-a-ma-jigs ...
  13. ...and not by a small margin either.
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