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  1. dyelightning

    Dual Solex 40PHH setup

    I have a set of solex PHH40. I'll send you an email.
  2. dyelightning

    1969 Parts + more

    Thank you for the interest so far, PM's have been responded to.
  3. dyelightning

    1969 Parts + more

    I have some items for sale. Round shift boot cover $15 12 Volt 1969 hazard switch $75 each 1969 6 fuse panel $50 Pending 1969 Headlight switch $75 SOLD 1969 Wiper Switch $45 each 1969 Fan Switch $45 each License Plate Lights $85 SOLD 1969 Chrome Quarter Window Latches (Has visible pitting on chrome) Make offer Faux Wood cluster $100 Lower Aluminum Steering Column Cover w/ choke $125 SOLD 1969 Euro Turn Signal Switch $125 SOLD Willing to ship items at buyer's expense. Prices Negotiable Please contact at 209-830-6215
  4. dyelightning

    WTB Getrag 245 Tranny

    Hey ,I have a Getrag 245 transmission for sale. I have an ad on here. You can also give me a call at 209-830-6215 if you have any questions. Thanks!
  5. dyelightning

    Solex 40 PHH

    I actually was able to check the venturis and they had a stamp of 40-34, same as the picture Jim had posted.
  6. dyelightning

    Solex 40 PHH

    Hey Robert, I was able to measure the venturis and they are 25mm in length, I am not sure if that is the size you are referring to. I do know of a guy in Texas that has parts for these Solex carbs. I did not have them in my car as they were not complete when I had my 2002. I replaced the butterfly plates and screws as well as the seals and one of the venturis. Hope that helps a bit. -Evan
  7. dyelightning

    Getrag 245 transmission & 3.91 LSD

    Thanks for catching that Marshall, I added it to the title.
  8. dyelightning

    Getrag 245 transmission & 3.91 LSD

    I have a Getrag 245 transmission and LSD for sale, the donor car had 140k miles on it. There were no visible leaks on the transmission or LSD when pulled. It is a 4 bolt transmission, and will include the front half of the donor car's driveshaft. Minimal backlash on the transmission and LSD. The transmission and LSD feel smooth when turned. $1000 OBO for transmission. $1000 OBO for the LSD. For sale locally in northern california near the SF Bay Area. Not willing to ship.
  9. dyelightning

    Solex 40 PHH

    Hey BritishIron, I still have the carburetors available. I got a replacement venturi because one of them was missing. I haven't measure the venturi sizes but the replacement one I got matches the sizes inside. I am assuming they are stock.
  10. dyelightning

    Solex 40 PHH

    I have a pair of Solex 40 PHH carburetors. No cracks present on the body or any internal parts. Minimal wear and tear. The jetting all appears to be stock. They have been cleaned up and rebuilt. New butterfly valves installed, main jet, seals, gaskets, new screws for the throttle shafts and choke shafts. Spare parts kit included (using the butterfly valves, Has some of the linkage present. You will need a manifold for these. Willing to ship these within the U.S. at buyer's expense. Located near the SF Bay Area. You may contact me via phone at (209)830-6215 or through here.
  11. dyelightning

    Solex 40 phh parts

    Is there anyone who knows of a source who may have the diffusers or butterfly valves for the Solex 40 phh? I am trying to complete a set that I have. Thank you!
  12. dyelightning

    Getrag 245 Transmission SOLD

    I am looking to sell a Getrag 245 transmission with unknown mileage and history on the car. I was informed that it came out of a 1982 320i. It goes through all gear smoothly, tested out. There is a new pivot pin on the transmission for the clutch fork. The clutch fork wore through the housing and has been repaired with aluminum welding. Iwould suggest replacing the selector shaft seal, rear output seal and front input seal. No shipping, selling local to SF Bay Area Priced as $1000 OBO Can contact at 209-830-6215 ask for Ray.
  13. I am local to you and am interested in the engine, sent PM.
  14. dyelightning

    1970 BMW 2002 Chrome Bumpers $750

    Still available
  15. dyelightning

    1970 BMW 2002 Chrome Bumpers $750

    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I do work full time and am not on the forums often which is why I prefer to be contacted by phone. My phone number is listed in the ad.