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  1. I shipped my last in stock set today and I am taking orders on the next group of 6 sets that I will be making next week, If you would like to order let me know. Harry
  2. Hi Philip, I am out of stock and out of parts to make more at this time. I have moved to a new location and have to find a new supplier for the SS rod I use. I will be making more in the future but till things get back to semi normal 2021. Harry
  3. Interested in a set of those handy dandy door checks!! [email protected]

  4. Sorry, I am out of stock of pull rods and parts to make them, I will be making more when things get back to normal. I need to find a new supplier for the SS bar I make them with which can't happen right now. Harry
  5. Hi Everyone FYI , If you have installed my door brake sets and for some personal preference, repaired damaged in the past or miss adjusted door you need to have your door open a bit less the best and easiest way to adjust it is by installing a few washers between the door brake and the inside of the door, this moves the door brake further inside the door and shortens the travel of the door when open, you may need to uses a bit longer install bolts. Harry
  6. I am interested in a set of the door brakes for my 2002. Thx! 

    [email protected]

    1. harry6422


      Mark info sent to your email address.


  7. I now have 5 door brake sets in stock ready to ship 12/19/19 Harry
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