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  1. Hey ! interested in the door brake set..as well as the gas pedal linkage too. Do you still supply those items ?

  2. Hi Duncan, I have  sets in stock ready to ship,  If you would like to order a set cost is $155.00 shipped to any USA address you can pay through PayPal to  creativesales.comments@gmail.com  please make it a personal payment ( friend/family) saves on fees and allows me to give you free shipping,  also send me your shipping address. I send a email when shipped with tracking info. If you need to do a regular paypal payment please add $7.00 for shipping or $162.00 .  




    1. dirving


      Sent. Thanks Harry. I don't ever send friends and family so this feels nice:-)

  3. Hi Eso, Please contact me at ( creativesales.comments@gmail.com ) for order info. Thanks, Harry
  4. I shipped my last in stock set today and I am taking orders on the next group of 6 sets that I will be making next week, If you would like to order let me know. Harry
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