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  1. I have this one, it is one of the few parts left from what I collected when restoring my 75 2002 years back. I have no way of testing it at this point, it was part of a parts lot I acquired , I know I did not remove it from my car because did not work, it looks to be in great shape( see pictures) the button pushes in and pops out easily. $30.00 shipped to any USA address. Harry
  2. The left hand drive pull rod factory part # is 35414440133 The right hand drive pull rod factory part # is 35411107606 They have different factory part numbers and I only have a replacement for the left hand drive part numbers ,sorry they will not fit your right hand drive car. You can check for part numbers at realoem.com. Harry
  3. Hi Harry,  I'm interested in a set of your door brakes for a 2002. Do you have any available?




    [email protected] hot mail dot com

    1. harry6422


      Hi Jeff,  I have them stock. I am away from home right now and will back home later tonight and will send you the purchase info if you like to order a set.


    2. Baboon


      Great,   thank you Harry-   Ill send payment as soon as I have the info.




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