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  1. Hi - so it occured to me, and yes I am slower than your average bear, that my 5 speed 3 flange transmission output isn't going to work well with my current 4 flange driveshaft. Given that I have to shorten the driveshaft anyway do I "just" need to source a 3 flange shaft and have the driveline shop make it all fit? Bring it to Ireland? Chewing gum? Bailing wire? What would you all do?
  2. Good morning. I was actually thinking about this yesterday in preparation for this weeks work, and once the gearbox is mated and that engine/gearbox installed access should still be pretty good for all the other ancillaries, right? Easy enough to get the brake booster and master cylinder installed after the engine sent? Thank you and hope everybody had a good weekend.
  3. Thanks @Ian , think I am just going to wait. I appreciate you reaching out however
  4. Sounds like they are trying to catch up. Some patience here given what is happening in the world is probably a good thing from my side.... (that said, I have a car to build!)
  5. Ordered Koni yellows from Tire Rack, they are showing 7/15 delivery. Anyone want to put money on them showing up?
  6. Thanks @reyes02 Good to hear that you like them.
  7. Thanks @tomphot - will call them tomorrow, they don’t show if it actually is/isn’t in stock. Thanks for the lead.
  8. Hi @2002Targa - Pretty sure it is a Harbor Freight one, works well but kind of a battleship.
  9. So after doing a bunch of calling around the Koni’s are not available now and apparently neither are Boge. Looks like I am going to be doing this job twice. BTW - looks like the Suspension Techniques 22/19 sway bars are also out of stock .
  10. Thanks gentlemen, will try to track done some Koni's
  11. Oh - well that would be a kick in a certain part of my anatomy. Koni options show on back order from Summit too.
  12. Thanks for the discussion. @NYNick - I need the car up and running, trying to avoid doing things twice and spending money twice but have some time pressure to get the Tii running and driving. SOP is to do all four in the same series/spec/manufacturer (as I am sure pretty much everyone does but I makes me sound like I am slightly less clueless to actually write it out, so there it is).
  13. Let us know Steve, hope it works out.
  14. It looks like Bilsteins are supposed to be available again sometime in August, but I don’t think that’s definitive. I checked and I don’t seem to be a lot of options other than KYB which, at least in the Porsche 914 community, people would rather drink razor blades than use. Go with Koni yellow or cross my fingers for August? What would you all do? Hope it was a good day for everyone.
  15. Hi Steve. Federal regulations change the 1974 and in response many manufacturers simply raised the ride height of their cars for the USA market. Some manufacturers, and I’m not gonna name names but they’re British, only raise the front of the car and left the back alone so you had a reverse rake as they were shipped from the factory.
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