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  1. Hello,son has 76 2002 in horseheads ny,rust free but for 1 small spot under pass floor.dual side draft delloto crabs,hot cam header, strut bar,rear adj. sway bar, heavy front bar,batt. in trunk.nice interior.head liner is great.new windshield.bought this on ebay march maybe.put in new windshield.thought we had this sold to college kid from this forrum but backed out.3200 invested but open for offers.he races scca at watkins and has decided to turn mustang gt into race car so this must go.wish i had the money because this car puts my 74 to shame.he can be reached at 607-207-7399. bad news with car,heater fan frozen,will need throwout bearing at some point in time,wipers work by switch we hotwired in.pictures available
  2. hello,incase email didnt go through,have gem in horseheads ny.call 607-207-7398 if you are still looking. you wont be looking any further.rust free,fast with built engine and suspension upgrades.price fits your needs
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