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  1. Looking for a good complete wiring harness for a 1973 2002. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a brake and clutch pedal in decent condition with no major rust. I don't need the pedal box itself just those 2 items. Please PM me if you have a set available. Thanks
  3. Selling off a bunch of leftovers. PayPal accepted. Please PM me if interested for fastest response and prompt payment is appreciated once we make contact. All items are SOLD. Thanks
  4. All inquiries responded to via Private Message. Check your FAQ inboxes. Thanks all
  5. Selling off some spare parts I have laying around from various projects. Tried to group them and would like to sell in those groups to make life easier. PayPal Accepted. Please PM if interested and prompt payment is appreciated. I'm just trying to clean up my garage and would like to wrap these transactions up quickly, get paid and get this stuff shipped out to you. SOLD
  6. I have a whole bunch of misc parts that I'd really like to sell of as a single lot. Trying to ship these items individually is not something I want to deal with. The plan is to put it all in a USPS flat rate box and send it to your house or business. There is some good value here for your project or to resell if you choose. If there is room left in the box I'll add more. Please check the pictures and here is brief list of what's included; Lots of re-plated hardware, Pedal box rebuild parts, seat hardware inclduing a new tilt lever cover, 2002 emblem, several roundels in various states from new to lots of patina, door hardware, late wiper switches, Tii gas tank gasket, Recaro seat hardware, Brand new 2002 Vin Plate, Various switches, 2-3 "Paul Caine" thrust washer parking brake kits. new drain tubes, new set of upper strut bearings with short studs so you can throw the spacers away, new stainless steel valve stems some of which are BBS, parking brake boot, center console rear support x2, climate control bezels, rear early bumper brackets, front bumper spacers, one rear and 1 front 1973 bumper over-rider, trunk side vent plugs, seat track handles, trapezoid mirror gasket and mount, etc Sold thanks for the responses everyone. I was able to bundle deal with some other items I had for sale. Sorry if I didn't get back to everyone.
  7. I’ll sell mine still in the box for $120 if they’re going for that much.
  8. Looking for a nice Shorty Console to finish up my 1970. I'm not concerned about the ashtray portion but need the rest to be in good shape. If you have something send me a PM and lets make a deal. Thanks.
  9. I picked up this modified for Weber stock air filter housing and the cover is trashed. This is the larger size housing. If anyone has one available please PM me. Thanks
  10. Selling off some trim pieces. PayPal preferred. Please Pm me if interested. Thanks for looking. Complete beltline set with a couple extra pieces. All usable or ready for restoration. Some dings and scratches. Includes roundie taillight trim piece. See photos. ** Sold ** Knee trim - Missing one quarter panel piece. Good usable condition. $135 Shipped Front vent window frames, fully disassembled. $95 Shipped One set of rear quarter window trim. These are in decent shape but need restoration or polishing. $65 shipped.
  11. The 5-Speed transmission is still available. All other items have been sold. Thanks
  12. Yes the 5 Speed and trim are the only items left at this point. Message me if you want the transmission and we can work out the shipping details. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looking for a nice large air cleaner cover and a set of sunroof cables. PM if you have them. PayPal only. Thanks
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