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  1. 82

    FS.Still Loads of Parts for 2002 and 2002Tii

    Hi Harry, Can you also ship overseas - to Australia - or only USA shipping? Thanks. Mark.
  2. 82

    WTB 73 rear bumper rubber strip

    Hi Mike, Have you tried these guys (www.2002AD.com)? https://www.2002ad.com/storeworks/view_item.cfm?id=1413 I've got a used one in Australia, so impractical to offer but suggest you trying 2002AD. Cheers Mark PS Project looks great!
  3. 82

    1976 BMW 2002 forced to sell :(

    Hi Mark, Thanks for your suggestion - much appreciated. Regards. Mark.
  4. 82

    1974 Polaris Tii for sale

    It's a while now since this car was listed and just wanted to enquire if it remains for sale? Thanks.
  5. 82

    76 2002 for sale needs work

    Is this car still for sale?
  6. 82

    1976 BMW 2002 forced to sell :(

    Hi there, I'm making this enquiry from Australia as I'm looking for a good LHD drive car to build a Turbo replica. Do you have any images of the underside of the car as well as the boot, including spare wheel well? Also, do you have any close-up images of the dent on the right rear quarter panel and the visible rust areas? Thanks. Mark.
  7. 82

    1974 BMW 2002

    Hi Jason, I am making this enquiry from Australia. Can you confirm that this a square tail-light model? Do you have any images of the underside of the car? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the body, particularly in terms of rust repairs and use of filler to make repairs? Thanks. Mark.
  8. 82

    Turbo engine build

    Ho Preyupy, another question please. Would a LHD tii be an optimal choice for a conversion?
  9. 82

    Turbo engine build

    Good additional information - many thanks. I recently did a set of modified calipers for my existing 2002 so have a fair idea about that aspect of the project. Ideally I'd like to make it LHD, which are virtually impossible to find in Australia, so importing a LHD car from the USA looks like the route I may have to go. Also, thanks for the offer of the pistons. If they're still available at the time that I make the decision to proceed or not, we can discuss it. Shipping to Australia is normally a killer. I have a brother who lives in Pennsylvania and shipping to him is sometimes a good option. Will let you know how I go with my research and what decision I finally make about whether to proceed or not.
  10. 82

    Turbo engine build

    Thanks for your follow-up response - again much appreciated. I now have quite a lot to commence with and will keep in touch to let you know where I'm heading with the project. By way of technical specifications, I have managed to find a technical supplement for the Turbo on www.bmw2002.co.uk Do you know of any other sources of good technical documentation for the entire car? Thanks again.
  11. 82

    Turbo engine build

    Great - many thanks for your prompt and detailed response - much appreciated. If proceeding down the modern route, what EFI system and turbo is recommended and what is availability like? The old engine from my race car (refer link below) is what I'll probably use for the Turbo project. For interest - click on the following URL and scroll down to see images of my current car (at the famous Bathurst circuit in Australia). Thinking of selling it now to do the Turbo project - have always loved them! http://www.htcav.com.au/2007-bathurst/
  12. I am planning to build a Turbo replica and I want to scope the project, starting with the engine build requirements and need technical specifications. Does anyone have anything available that can be emailed, or alternatively are there websites from where information can be obtained or purchased? Thanks in anticipation. Mark Ballarat, Australia
  13. 82

    1970 BMW 2002ti For Sale

    Is this car still available? Thanks.
  14. 82

    Rajay turbo for sale

    Would you be able to ship this item to Ausralia should I want to purchase it? If so, are you kindly able to get a seafreight estimate of cost to do so. Thanks. Mark.
  15. 82

    C/R 5-Speed Tisa Tranny 0 Mile Rebuild

    Can you please e-mail an image of the item. What ratios are in the box? Thanks. Mark.