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  1. this is one nice looking car if it was restored but i think its far from it, looks like a lifetime project , and continues funds . good luck with the sale
  2. seen the car in person its amazing , paint is perfect at lease i think it was when i seen it
  3. this thread is epic, car "collector" murders anyone want in on this movie
  4. no and im sure you would rather the magnesium ronals over the konigs i was gunna put on the konigs were 32mm offset, 15x7.5 i have a set of alzenis's falkens , 205/50/15 everything brand new id throw the wheels with the car for another 700 would cost 900 new but it whatever you will need 38mm spacers, and trubo flares to put these wheels on OR OWN A RICER HONDA
  5. http://scranton.craigslist.org/cto/1320326947.html here it is guys its mine so feel free to email me about it here are the build links and my myspace links for more pictures http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,324321/ http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=200624865&albumId=2006324 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=200624865&albumId=1965702
  6. yep i took a look i think im just going to spend the money on the upgraded discs front and rear from Ireland racing
  7. okay guys hears the deal im getting alot of attention and support i hear you all keep the info comming as for the volvo head its here no its not going on i want the car to run move and no vibrations okay thats STEP ONE as for brakes this will be upgraded we have talked about this alot tonight a 1ton car with 200 250 hp can get a little hairy. ( im not afraid to do 160mph so yes brakes will be done. my car is already dropped and new struts and springs are done but i will be replacing every bolt with new ones of highgrade so i dont end up tearing something off and i go into a tree like he said ^^^^^ but yes guys right now the plan is 200 - 250 with min modification and about 20lbs of boost ( DONT LOOK AT ME FUNNY if you know a 2.3 it can take 25 to 30lbs of boost all day)
  8. i got a volvo head already pulled it out of a junkyard a few months ago
  9. hey guys thank you for all the info and help.. i have a buddy right now pushing 30lbs of boost out of this SOHC 2.3 ford on stock bottom end and pulling hard. he is ripping out the motor in the next few weeks and im goign to be running that one sue to hes swaping in a fully build Sohc 2.3l into his merkur and running over 40lbs possible 45Lbs of boost i have everything i need so far for my car i think the only thing im worried about right now is relocating brake booster into the firewall so i can clear the intake manifold. if not im might just custom fab the manifold ( options still open on this) as for the 152lb weight gain from this swap CF hood is going on, and i think will be making aluminum door skins and lexan for the four side windows all in all i think ill lose the weight quick and possible get under what the stock 2002 is. more weight will be lost with fuel cell as well but if i need parts or help ill def look you guys up and email you. im glad im getting some positive feed back this is gunna be a nice project to start and keep me occupied over winter as well as right now thank you all EDIT :: as for the mounts im going the with the drift scene solution "hockey puck mounts" if you dont know how to do this my build will be getting underway in the next few weeks and you will all see what im doing and how to do this swap yourself
  10. fleet pride makes custom drive shafts in my area, and as for the intercooler doing a mild upgrade like all merkur owners do 80's style sabb 900 turbo intercooler
  11. okay so i got a 2.3L ford turbo engine now complete wiring harness tagged and ready t5 trans still looking for one, hopefully this week coming So thank you to all the guys with the idea, info, and brain storming seems i got one prob so far is trying to clear brake booster so i might have to relocate it in the fire wall. o well ill keep you all posted on this subject ill be making a build blog later this week. 1976 Bmw 2002.3L Turbo "Motivation"
  12. yes with hockey puck mounts if your a drifter or you swap engines into cars that should have them your will know what i mean
  13. okay stock trans uses a guibo the t5 is an upgrade im going to get a running merkur and just trans plant it Stock 175 hp with zero upgrades if i do the mild things like open exhaust, tube turbo manifold, .68 trim, and a very good head gasket they go fast, i can def get this to 200-225 Whp and its easy to work with now for the weight 152 lbs?? your kidding right 152 ill gut the dam car and do lexan windows ( i do auto glass for a living) if weight was an issue how bout the positive side on the 152 lbs, Boost, umm 175 hp and tons of options left, 5speed trans, available parts EVERYWHERE , cause i dont live on the westcoast where it seems to rain 2002s everywhere and the biggest upside to this whole thing, car shows when its said and done watch the old guys rollover in there grave. but w/e welcome to RestoMod if they can ruin cameros, belairs, and every other classic with newer mods. so lets bring resto mods to the BMW , and as for a perfectly good running 2002 , if i keep going the way i do trying to keep up with the boys probably not for long..... id rather sell the good running parts and make some money back ... so the cars parked right now im going to take some running pictures and videos so i can sell this stuff soon
  14. thanks man i think i might start as soon as i sell my 240sx, and buy a donor car for this. o and only 22lbs??? my buddy is going for 30+psi with a crazy holset hes over 26lbs now and holding well so will see i guess what i can do and when i start i will blog every step . thanks for the info and thoughts guys i was kinda discouraged by the first post
  15. okay so i have access to a 2.3L turbocharged FORD engine and a WC ( world class transmission) , they make about 175hp STOCK and its a non interference motor Now for the best part i have an insane buddy that has build crazy redic power merkurs with this engine. here the plus on the situation 1. non interference 2. decent power and i can easy push this car to 250 with minimal money 3. reliable ( meaning i can beat it longer then i can this M10 or w/e i have in my 2002 well the trans i should say dam i don't like the trans anyways) 4. oo cool thing i found out all i have to do to mate the drive shaft to trans is shorten it THEY USE THE SAME GUIBO or w/e that rubber thing is let me know your thoughts on this situation

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