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  1. I'm not ready to get rid of the drums. I still need the parking brake for the occasional roll in and out of the driveway. I'll keep you in mind when I am ready though! Thanks:)
  2. Hi! I have a few parts for sale left over from my M2 swap: Pedal box (complete) with throttle pedal $200 All prices negotiable! Make me an offer:) I'm replacing the entire braking system, so if there is a part you want or need that I didn't list, just ask. I've only listed what I've got off the car and cleaned up. The calipers, drums, etc are all still on the car and available for sale. I think the only part I'm keeping is the parking brake handle (for now). All parts from a 1971 Tii. EDIT: As mentioned below, I can't part with the rear drums just yet. booster/master cylinder/reservoir are SOLD Thanks!
  3. I'm going to put these in my alley for the trash man this weekend. If you Live near Long Beach and want them, drop me a line and I'll hold them for you. Yes, they are free, and in pretty good shape.
  4. Not rebuilt, engine never overheated so I only replaced the headgasket and the offending pump. No smoke when warm, slight grey smoke when cold on a cold day, goes away after warmup. I don't know how long the engine has been in CA, the gent I bought the car from had it in san diego for several years. The car was originally titled in germany. It was serviced regularly by a well known bmw shop in sd before I owned it. The e12 swap was on there when I got it. I don't know why it was done. I can look at the odometer, but there is no guarantee it is accurate. Mileage unknown. Compression is design, not as measured. Leakdown is as measured, by me. Sorry for the long time to reply, was in the middle of a mini home remodel so the internet was out, and then my phone got stolen! Excuses, excuses. I'd love to have this thing go to a happy new owner...make me an offer!
  5. Engine is still for sale, and now I have a brake booster, master cylinder and complete pedal box and tower, including brake linkage to sell as well. All tii parts. Front and rear brakes will be coming off eventually, and will be for sale when they do.
  6. I have the front driver and passenger footwell and the tranny tunnel sound insulation pieces left over from my M2 swap. They are in great shape. If you can use them, drop me a line. Thanks!
  7. Shipping via YRC to 95816 is about $500 with residential pickup and delivery. If you want me to deliver it to the YRC dock down here and you pick it up from a commercial adress, it will be about $300. FWIW, it cost me $700 to get my S14 from Connecticut to Long Beach. These prices do not include insurance, which would be another hundred or two. Probably cheaper just to rent a u-haul and drive down if you are serious. The engine is in a Scribner shipping crate, so strapping it down in the back of a pickup would be no big deal. The crate (it can hold a fully dressed big block V8) alone is worth $250. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Scott! Now if I could only change a setting to sell this motor...
  9. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,374252/highlight,/ Gosh, thread bumping would be nice... Make an offer and you may be surprised.
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