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  1. Haven't placed an order yet for 700 parts in Germany, but did receive a few quotes. Gabi was recommended by a German 700 owner. I have been pleased with the parts for the 507 received from Schulte (speaks only German). Very surprised that Oldtimer.net (Schaeper) added 20% on top of his German prices for selling to USA based customers, and that was on top of the shipping cost. When I asked for an explanation for the 20% surcharges and why he wouldn't discount the price by 21% (VAT discount) for selling to outside the EU, communications broke off.
  2. Hi Neil - who is your favorite German supplier of 700 parts ? - Dierk Schulte - Philip Schaeper, - Gabi Bolte, - others ? Thanks
  3. Looking for a set of rubber floor mats (5 pieces) for the 700 Sport Coupe. The usual Isetta/600/700 parts suppliers don't have them. Really don't want to put carpet.
  4. Perfect fit: https://www.batteriesplus.com/battery/car-and-truck/mazda/mx=5-miata/1994/l4-1.8l-320cca/sliu1rt
  5. BAVARIA Tour 2016 When: May 26 - 29, 2016 Where: Oberammergau, Bavaria Celebrating: 100 Years BMW 50 Years BMW 02 30 Years BMW 02 Club Who is game ?
  6. Do I hear carb jets ? That would be awesome. Regards, Dirk
  7. Hi Ray - Ulan Bator in Mongolia will be our first "rest day" (read: inspect, service and repair the car) and any contact person with access to a mechanics workshop could be very, very helpful. Regards, Dirk
  8. Thanks Les. The rally will take us from Beijing northwest into Mongolia. Sichuan Province is not on the route. Bad roads however, is the whole idea of the rally. Endurance for man and machine (woman in our case as my wife is navigator). One week in the Gobi desert sleeping in tents. Fun, fun, fun.
  9. Thanks Chris. Keep checking that facebok page, we will try to upload pictures en-route whenever there is internet access.
  10. Leaving the 2002 in the garage for a few weeks: http://www.facebook.com/PtoP2013
  11. Nothing wrong with an early P-1800. One previous owner, 32,000 original miles, 1 respray 10 years ago, never driven in rain or bad weather, totally original, definitely a keeper !
  12. I am taking mine down next week and will post it in the "for sale" section along with pictures. It has been used for about 1,000 miles.
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