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  1. -High beam stalk ‘71-‘73 (a harness needs to be spliced or soldered back on) $65 Hi Brandon - is the high bean stalk / switch still available. Thanks
  2. Just received mine. Very high quality reprints. Thank you for doing this!
  3. The Glas Automobileclub International eV based in Germany has recently revamped its website. Most BMW 1600GT owners in the USA are members of this club which is officially recognized by BMW. 2002FAQ member AXCO is the USA representative. Here is a link to the site: https://www.glasclub.de/index.php/en/contact
  4. That's a great looking ti Ben. Looking forward seeing it in person in Pittsburgh. My '70 ti is from Sweden and has tiny overriders, original to the car.
  5. Thank you Steve for adding this. I'll spread the word to Glas GT and 1600GT owners and members of the various BMW clubs!
  6. UPDATE: Coker just called back, and contrary to previously received information, the XAS which they are selling are of the FF (Formula France) softer competition compound. I cancelled my order and will install the Continental EcoContact 3 165/80 R 13 83T. These Continental Tires are not available in the US, and coming back to the purpose of Blunt's thread (Tire Group Buy), I can say that I have been using these tires on my other three 2002s for many, many miles, to my great satisfaction. They look good, are very affordable plus there is something about Continental Reifen ... .
  7. The XAS FF is not the same tire as the XAS. Something I did not realize when I purchase my first set (DOT 3308) in 2009 fom Vintage Tyres in the UK (Coker was selling them for almost twice as much). After several road trips and driving tours with the BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club, totaling 9,000 miles, the rear tires were completely worn. I learned that the hard way by shredding one of them in pieces on the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Whistler to Vancouver. The fronts were about halfway done. I purchased two new ones (DOT 3809). The two remaining originals are pretty much done now (13,000 miles) and are showing serious signs of dry-rot and are no longer safe to use. The two 'newer' ones are still good. At the time (2008/2009), the 165/13 was only available in FF. Today, Michelin Classic has listed both the XAS and the XAS FF in the 165 HR 13. I inquired with Coker for four new XAS tires and am waiting for them to confirm that these are XAS and not FF and what the DOT date is.
  8. The Michelin XAS 165R13 tires currently on the market and which I have on the 2002 Cabriolet, are the FF (Formula France) type. The FF tires were designed for racing and are softer than the regular tires. As can be expected, they offer better grip, but also wear much faster. A longer-lasting and more reasonably priced tire is the Continental EcoContact 3 165/80 R13 83T. Very pleased with these. Unfortunately not available in the USA.
  9. Really well done. Congratulations!
  10. They sure did, as an option. Some racers put the tach in between the speedometer and the clock. Going price is about a $1,000
  11. Advanced and Jon Wright Custom Plating are among the best in the country, and you pay for the quality. I got tired of dealing with local chrome shops and having to go back every two or three years and called the place in Vietnam and bought stainless steel bumpers. Never looked back.
  12. Dirk02


    Me too. Choice of material, color, etc? If not, I can send him stuff for him to embroider? Thanks Dirk
  13. Our friends at the BMW CCA Foundation are putting up an exhibition in 2018 for the 50th Anniversary of the BMW 2002 and are inviting owners of special 2002s to apply. The 2002 can be either original, restored, tastefully modified, built to race, have a unique body style, have an extraordinary story that goes with it; there will be a class for each of those. The application form can be downloaded from our club's website: www.bmwccca.com (Note, that is three 'c's, one for Classic!) If you would like a chance to have your 2002 displayed in the Foundation's museum in South Carolina for a few months, send in your completed application along with photographs of your 2002 to [email protected] Dirk de Groen BMW Classic Car Club of America
  14. Facebookers seem to favor the 1600S14 by a wide margin. What a great car.
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