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  1. I'm actually ok with this on a couple of levels. There's a lot of 'Well, I had planned on replacing the windshield gasket anyway' coupled with 'That was my new hood and I just put new windshield wipers on.' Kind of stunned hilarity. I'll probably just bend out the sheet metal and get a new windshield. Damn tree hit it so hard, it broke the turn indicators on both sides and popped out the head lights. It was a runner/beater, not so much now. Pondering if I should turn it in for insurance. It was an awfully big tree, compare the Ford Bronco for size. In hindsight, I wish I would have parked the BMW under the Bronco.
  2. Float needle valve/seat? Slow leaker will over fill float bowel/rough idle like having the choke on. If it runs right on throttle it would get my first look.
  3. In my youth, over 40 years ago, I spent a summer making these http://ww1.safholland.us/sites/usa/en-US/products/fifthwheels/Pages/default.aspx One of my many job duties was stamping serial numbers on the fifth wheels. Just a ball peen hammer and stamp set http://www.harborfreight.com/36-piece-1-8-eighth-inch-steel-letter-number-stamping-set-800.html Sometimes you get a double imprint when the tool bounces. You never get a three imprint like that. I lived in fear of doing that bad a job because California Highway Patrol or any other law enforcement agency would take one look at it and immediately impound the car/equipment as having altered serial numbers. I'm not drawing a conclusion about the engine being stolen or anything nefarious. I am saying no matter what the reason for that lousy stamping job you are at risk. The law is ~tampered with serial numbers. They don't care if it was the original engine and God himself messed up the serial numbers while rebuilding it. Rick
  4. Soooo, Jason and I are silly? Rreally....aha www.alpinabmw2002.com No, just trusting! It's just too easy to pick up a 2002 Tii emblem at a wrecker and slap it on the trunk. You really have to find out if it is all original and came off the assembly line as a Tii. Most collectors want the original engine so if the short block was swapped out and numbers don't match... More then a few people have pulled a fast one: Get a solid 2002 and transfer parts from a Tii that was wrecked or rusted out, then sell it as a Tii. You can't turn a base 2002 into a Tii with just FI and a few decals. Goes much deeper then that, right down to the chassis. Any modifications or replacements to a real Tii reduce the value.
  5. "Allegedly, the car was owned by a rockstar in AZ and he got it from the star's broker." Haha, ha, hahaha, ha, haha, hee, hehe. Brush my teeth and call me a cynic. I am a bit jaded. Anytime someone gives me a line like this, I wouldn't buy their car if they held a gun to my head. As a indication of how low some people will stoop and apologies to people that actually lost loved ones. When you deal with people that are selling used cars you often run into the 'owned by famous' stored it for my son who was killed in [Vietnam, Gulf War, ...]. By my estimate there are probably close to a million famous people that for some reason owned junk cars and the same number of war casualties and died young from cancer. There seems to be a correlation between buying a junk car, getting cancer in your 20s, dying, and leaving a young wife and two kids behind. That being said http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,330398/highlight,marley/
  6. Too late but in addition to what others said, I stick a pair of needle nose pliers into the hole and open the handle to flex the hose a few times.
  7. Are you trying to make it period correct and look good? If so you have a plan. If you are trying to modernize it, IMO the two biggest advances over the last 40 years are spark and ECU + FI. It's all good. Bits and pieces like radiator, alternator, exhaust and modern starter fit either goal.
  8. Yes Google and Yelp for auto frame straightening to find a local dealer near you. Rick
  9. The cheapest thing about an '02 is the original purchase price. That being said, it is a bit on the high side but may be able to get lower with negotiations. For instance "Rebuilt engine installed with all new belts, hoses & mounts 9 years ago with only 24,000 miles driven " Nine years and 24,000 miles is pretty used. Nine years and 24,000 miles on belts is better then 36 years but still. Ditto for nine year old Bilsteins. Understand I am just a bit jealous since I am making do with KYBs, but used is used. The other thing you should be concerned about as people have mentioned is smog. Not that there is anything wrong with it but a 1976 means you will never be able to modify the engine or exhaust FOREVER! If you even replace the air filter housing with something aftermarket they can flunk you. If you are dyed in the wool tree hugger and replace the engine with a clean burning hybrid set up out of a Prius they can and will flunk you. California smog laws are the worst kind of moronic bureaucratic tripe. They completely discourage anything including clean air modifications. That being said, if you are willing to have it checked every two years for while you own it and keep up the emission system, there is nothing wrong with a 1976. Just me at this stage in my life, I would rather own a 1976 2002 then 320i. Rick
  10. eBay has several options like price research and completed listings that tell a better story. If you do completed listings for 2002's you come up with only 9 of 21 sales being completed with the others failing to sell 'Reserve not met' or 'Best offer' not accepted. Highest price paid for any 2002 was $10,099 for 1974 tii. Next highest was an M20 conversion at $8,000. All other prices were below $6,000 with the bottom $749. So over half the people selling cars are [asking more then people are willing to pay, think their cars are worth more then market, refusing to sell at market, holding out for a higher price, ...] It may be a good strategy to eventually make top dollar, I really don't know. Understand I would like to wake up one morning and find my rat trap '02 will send my grand kids to Harvard, but it ain't going to happen. Reality is such a bitch. Rick
  11. To me, this is closest to the heart of the matter. A go kart is a blast to drive but you wouldn't want to go cross country in one. An '02 is a bit more like being connected through the oars and seat of your pants in a row boat or scull then taking a cruise ship. IMHO: There is an amazing percentage of sailors, myself included, here. There is something about the combination of the rigging straining in the wind, hand on the tiller, cutting through the waves when the fat lady dances, that a lot of us enjoy. Same thing for motorcycles and say vintage bicycles. I'd rather be in a sail boat at 4 knots then an air conditioned bullet train at 100 mph. There are a number of things done right. For instance the car was designed for 6ft+ Teutonic beef cake. There is an openness to the cockpit so even someone claustrophobic can enjoy the car. This was lost in later cars as more padding and safety measures like air bags, consoles the size of lounge chairs, took up interior space. It is like the difference between sitting in a car and putting on a sock. Understand I do appreciate the safety advances and lateral butt stability the newer seats and consoles provide but I do like interior free space of an '02. Likewise a lot of bits of an '02 when working properly work properly. That is; there is no confusion in the transmission. All the gears are where they are supposed to be and there is something like a 'snick' noise and feel when you engage them. Ditto for brakes and steering. More just opinion but there are places where an '02 shines and places where it doesn't compared to modern cars. Traffic jams in 100 degree weather? OUCH! 800 lbs of friends going to an all you can eat buffet? Gives me the shakes. Sitting in the back seat on a ski trip? I get chills just thinking about it. Where it comes alive is Sunday morning drive to the beach. I've driven through the Sierras over Tioga Pass and I can't think of a better car to do it with. Rick
  12. No additives will fix a blown head gasket, they may work for 5 minutes or so. If you buy a used car first thing to check is if any of this junk is in the radiator. Less then reputable sellers/used car salesmen stick it in an otherwise busted car so you can test drive it around the block w/o noticing the failing engine. Don't even think of this gambit: Leads to small claims court and rock salt on your lawn. You should only need the head 'milled' if the truck overheated. New head gaskets aren't really expensive, maybe $100. Shade tree mechanics will just buy a head gasket and a tube of silicon sealant. Really unprofessional but it saves about $40 for intake, ... and valve cover gaskets. What kills you is labor if you don't do it yourself or have a mechanic friend. About a $1,000 last time I checked. WAY overpriced as it is much less then a 10 hour job. Fair would be ~$240 plus parts if nothing else was wrong. Rick
  13. Hunter S. Thompson said it best. http://www.latexnet.org/~csmith/sausage.html Sorry he wasn't on a BMW when he wrote about this "Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube" If you follow the URL just forget he is talking about a specific beast because it applies to the genre and not the breed. Substitute 2002 for every reference to Ducati. Talked to my 64 year old brother last week. I had just bought this so I could see if any of our grand kids have the bug. Conversation rolled around to buying a sprint car. You can pick up a used 600 hp sprint car for around $4k right now. We have a 165 acre ranch and a bulldozer so it would really be practical. We decided we shouldn't because we both get weak in the knees like after sex when we put our foot in it: The car would be the death of us. Norm isn't a moron, he's something else. Alcoholics and addicts of all types get sympathy for being genetically predisposed to addiction or traumatized in their youth. We get nothing except for some esprit de corps. Unfortunately Norm doesn't own a large ranch, a bulldozer, and perhaps a paving company or else we'd really see something to delight the heart. Rick
  14. Even if they total the car you can request they sell it back to you for its salvage value. My brother in law worked for a VW aftermarket performance shop/parts store and put ~$11k in performance parts on his GTI. I think the insurance company offered him blue book for the car at the time, around $4k. IIRC they sold him the car back for less then $1k. Rick
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