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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog on this! I've got a 73 agave in the garage and this will be some definite inspiration.
  2. It was a pretty great weekend - one of the finer routes and weather we've had. I wish I had some pictures to add, but i've got nothing that isn't redundant from Jason's. It was great seeing all the RGB folks, I can't wait for the next one!
  3. I'm interested in finding out more about your car. Please shoot me an email at john.d.metz AT gmaildotcom
  4. If this hasn't been sold can you email pictures to john.d.metz at gmaildotcom. Does it have a clear title?
  5. Not sure what you're looking for...can you send a picture? Email is in posting above. Also, Parts that have been sold are updated. Thanks!
  6. I still have the filler neck, but this car is a roundie. let me know if it'll work for you - cashky at gmaildotcom
  7. manimal shoot me an email and i'll send you some pictures EDIT: pics now in the photobucket album thanks!
  8. you're first in line for both of these, but other people are wanting the horns too. email me at cashky at gmaildotcom and we can get settled up. thanks!
  9. I will work on getting everyone responded to once I get home from work tonight - there is some overlap in requested parts and it's tough keeping up with it all via my phone. If you havent done so already, shoot me an email with your request. I will update the post once I get everything sorted out tonight.
  10. Link to pictues here: http://photobucket.com/jdm19732002parts92011 --Don't mind the blue tape, i use it to keep all the screws in place. If you want pics w/o the tape, let me know. Photobucket jumbled my photos, sorry that they're not in order. all prices obo + shipping from USPS louisville, ky 40299 Email cashky at gmaildotcom with any questions, extra picture request, funny jokes, etc. Aluminum trim piece for between tail lights - Driver quality, $10 Blue Owners Manual Sleeve - Dirty, $3 - SOLD Blue Fuel tubing - good shape, usual bends - $25 Brown Fuel tubing - good shape, usual bends - $25 Sun roof dome light - driver quality, chip in lens (not noticeable when installed) $15 - PENDING Assorted Relays - Make offer for lot Hood latch bar with mounting hardware - good condition - $20 hood release - $15 (or $29 with above bar) "oh Crap" handles - one great shape, one has a tear and screw cover broken (needs superglue), includes screws - $40 for the pair -PENDING Red Reflectors - need cleaned $15/pair Electrified red reflectors, one good, one has cracked lense $15/pair Sun visors - need cleaned, $30/pair Hella Horns - haven't heard them for about a year but i remember them working - $7/pair - SOLD All Autoflug Seat Belt stuff- ok condition, only one rear seatbelt, pass side doesn't have mounting to the pillar, drivers side does, - $75 Behr AC console face + Wiring - $25 SOLD Glovebox - exterior good shape, interior is ok, just looks bad - $20 Drivers side mirror - needs refinishing -$15 Fusebox and Cover - $30 Chair Adjuster, Drivers side and passenger side , Nice - $15/ea or $25/pair Chair rails good just dirty - 20/ea or 35/pair ----all chair stuff $50 tobacco arm rests - clean em up - $15/pair PENDING Trunk latch and lock (no key) - $12/both Windshield seal - good+ shape - $60 Passenger door seal (not the best, not the worst), other rubberish stuff around seal, plastic kickplate -$40/all Drivers door seal (a little more worn than passenger side), other rubberish stuff around seal plastic kickplate - $35/all 3 spoke steering wheel - $10 SOLD A/C compressors (2 different ones) and other assorted bits- make offer Behr heater box + temp and fan speed controls - $65 there are still parts that i haven't gotten around to pulling. All glass is good, window regulators, door handles/locks (no key), etc. Let me know what you need
  11. Let me think on it for a bit. Do you have an email addrress I can get you on? Mine is available via the link in my profile
  12. Is the front BBK still available? Considering picking it up
  13. What do you want for the Big Brake Kit? Is it still available? Shoot me an email at john.d.metz (a t) gmail .
  14. This is my CL ad: http://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/2436898633.html I really need to get rid of this e21 so i can put the $ into my 2002. I bought it as a parts car, but i thought it was too nice to part out. If it doesn't get sold soon, i'll be parting it out. Let me know if y'all have any questions. This is a good driver, but still needs some work.
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