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  1. AmazonGreen

    Road America

    Great September Saturday in Wisconsin.
  2. AmazonGreen

    What Wheels Should I Put On It?

    How ‘bout 13” FPS baskets? Too tame?
  3. AmazonGreen

    Windshield replace

    Crack in windshield growing after rock hit going to Mid America. Blunt has OE in stock. Can anyone do install, or is it tricky? Thanks.
  4. Hey Folks; Getting my '74 02 ready for Mid America and a familiar problem resurfaced. Three years ago had complete clutch job. 2000 miles later loud rattle/tapping in neutral. But clutch engaged just fine. Went back to shop for warranty re-do. That lasted a couple of years. Today same problem after a long drive and things were good and hot. Noise only happens when things are hot. Goes away with just slight pressure on clutch pedal (maybe 1/4 inch depressed). A Google search turned up similar, heat-related problem with other kinds of vehicles. Any thoughts? Can I just live with it, without fear of major breakdown enroute? Thanks.
  5. AmazonGreen


  6. AmazonGreen

    2017 Calendar

    How do I send photo? Thanks. Allen
  7. AmazonGreen

    16th Annual MidAmerica 02 Fest

    It gets better every year. Thanks to Bo and everyone who worked so hard to make it a flawless event. Allen
  8. AmazonGreen

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Still get a kick every time I turn the key, even after close to 42years.
  9. Hi Folks; Anyone else having issues trying to register today? Despite my best efforts nothing shows up in my cart. Thanks
  10. Just dealt with this issue on the open diff on my '74. It took a while to detect. I kept hearing what sounded like very loud trim wind noise, and grinding on a rolling stop. Turned out to be a badly failing pinion bearing. Located a used diff that was not "notchy" when the input shaft rotated. Had new seals installed. Once the diff was in place and on the road there was still a whine, but not nearly as bad. It appears to be a gear alignment issue, not a bearing one. The consensus among some in the know is that you can drive a whining diff a very long long time. The key warning signal apparently is when it suddenly gets a lot louder. My plan is to to keep monitoring it with the windows open and closed, and log serious miles before the long drive to Mid America. And turn the radio up. I'd like to hear more opinions from the knowledgeable folks on the forum.
  11. AmazonGreen

    Fan Shroud

    Thanks as always Mike.
  12. Got a new OEM radiator installed in my '74 in preparation for Mid America. This one has ears for a fan shroud. From what I've read on the forum a shroud really isn't necessary. And from the looks of it, it would be a hard install, to get around the fan without some major surgery. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  13. AmazonGreen

    Nasty Surprise

    Thanks for all the input. I think I may have found part of the problem. The radiator is shot. Leaking on the left and right sides. Thinking about replacing with OEM. Ireland aluminum is cheaper but apparently requires some install mods, and there's a warning about fan clearance. And then there's the recore option. It's already been done once. Any thoughts?
  14. AmazonGreen

    Nasty Surprise

    BMW coolant. Changed about 5 years ago.
  15. AmazonGreen

    Nasty Surprise

    Would you recommend a system flush? Maybe a lot of crud in there? Sounds like a nasty job. May have to go to the stealer.