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  1. Im excited for this! Hope to discover some new hidden treasures in SF.
  2. I have HR sports and billys. Would like to lower it a bit more in the front. Thats my friend in the passenger seat that I brought down to check out the car scene. He had no idea what he was in for and had a blast.
  3. Ill take the Ansa if still available please email scottg101@gmail
  4. My anza muffler rear outlet ripped out of the exhaust on the track yesterday, so I am looking for something to replace it with. I really like the look of the anza twin pipes, but I am open to other options. I just need the rear muffler section. email scottg101 at gmail
  5. Thanks! I am running Rota RBs with Falken (I think) 195s. Ive done about 6 track events on them and they are still holding up. Would love to get some R compounds or something though.
  6. It certainly was a bit daunting for the first few sessions, Im not sure I still figured it out. I did a ride along before I drove it so I at least knew which tree to aim for! But man is it fun when you get the guts to just punch it before you can even see where the track goes. This was my first attempt at iMovie editing, so the cuts are a little sloppy, but I like how it turned out. Hoping next week to run Laguna again in my 72 911 3 Litre, and to borrow some friends GoPros so I can have a true multi cam video from the same run.
  7. Took my go pro and a buddies camera and pieced together this vide from yesterday. It was my first time at Laguna so no comments about whatever line I might have been attempting!
  8. Doing a track event at Infineon this Friday, and need to roll one of my fenders (already did the others). I am in SF or oakland but can meet wherever and either use it at your place or bring back the next day. Thanks! scottg101@gmail
  9. Ive got the mirror, just need the mounting bracket thing that bolts to the door. I could also use a proper gasket, but can just cut down my old ones if necessary.
  10. My horn stopped working all of a sudden. I am getting power from the button to the wheel (there is a spark when I ground out the wire) I can hear the relay trip when the button is pushed. All fuses look good The horn honks fine when given 12v. What else to check? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, you are right. I meant to say the noise is there when the clutch is not engaged, and goes away when I put the clutch pedal to the floor. Trans fluid or throwout bearing? They are both new, less than a few thousand miles. Is it okay to drive the car or does this need immediate attention?
  12. When I am at idle stopped at a light, I can hear a "whirring" noise coming from the transmission (i think). It goes away when the clutch is fully engaged, and when I let it out it comes back. It doesnt sound like metal to metal contact or anything, but is making me wonder if its something I need to address. This is a 5spd swap. Its been driving fine for a few thousand miles, not sure if the noise has been there all along or not. Thanks!
  13. wiper blades, wiper blade arms in nice condition, rear parcel shelf thats not warped, the little bushing that goes on the gas pedal rod that will make my gas pedal not vibrate at weird frequencies. email me at scottg101 at gmail
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