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  1. To answer all of your questions: I am in the Columbus area. Ideally, I am looking for a white, round tail, manual car under $5000. Stock vs modified isn't a big deal to me, but I plan on modifying it in the future. Sunroof and AC don't matter to me. Thanks for the advice everyone. Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, I just graduated college and have moved to Columbus Ohio. Now it is time for a 2002. I am willing to travel, but the closer to Columbus the car is, the better. Thanks, Matt
  3. i have a 1979 grant steering wheel black leather in near perfect condition has the hub/horn button off of an old vw my dad had he bought the wheel for 60$ new, im pretty sure its worth more now any idea what its worth??? probly not selling unless its worth a ton just wondering
  4. wait, im confused did he turbo it, or is that original?
  5. price still plays an important part in the judging, but not most cars are marketed as 15-20k$ kits the problem with awd is weight, as always
  6. sorry, we have like 6 engines usually, one in our current car, one in the previous years car, one permanently on the engine dyno, two rebuilt and ready to swap, and the rest waiting to be rebuilt we only get a couple hundred hours of run time out of any given engine before it needs to be swapped
  7. yeah we've been using the same engine for probably 8 years, and running a turbo for the last 4 or 5 heres a link to our website http://fsae.mae.cornell.edu/history.php?name=08
  8. very interesting car for sure how much is that engine worth alone? who knows, maybe the "rare" recaros are original
  9. it flattens out early like yours we have been using the same engine for a while now, so we've got it pretty well figured out having an engine and chassis dyno also helps
  10. i think we are getting about 95 hp, and that is a pretty steady curve, no spikes we run at 8 psi of boost
  11. i have been working with Cornell racing for the past year we are one of the few teams still running 600cc engines (in our case a turbocharged yamaha yzf) this year we finally made the step up to a carbon fiber monocoque and hopefully carbon wheels
  12. http://norfolk.en.craigslist.org/cto/1537309257.html its not a 1972. i know that much
  13. truck bed liner definately weighs more than water so does paint so does beer so does salt water lol its called density!! hurray physics! can this discussion please get back to the point of whether truck bed liner would be superior to things like wurth stone guard for protecting your underbody on a regular car, instead of counting car calories more weight does equal worse performance, that is fact, but in an everyday car 20 or 30 pounds doesnt make much of a difference because it acounts for less of a percentage of the total car weight then it does in a stripped down race car (adding 30 pounds to a 1500 lb car is not the same as adding 30 lbs to a 2000 lb car)
  14. sounds awesome couple questions because the lime rock website sucks what kind of racing is on saturday? are there usually 02's for sale (i am still looking for my first), and if so what kind of price range usually any recommendations of where to stay saturday night? how much does it cost to camp (the website said its free to camp if u buy the 4 day pass, but id only be going for saturday and sunday)? thanks -matt
  15. haha new jersey, new york, and connecticut doesn't everybody know that?

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